Woh To Hai Albela 1st March 2023 Written Update: Nakul confronts Rashmi about Sayuri.


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The episode starts with Sayuri pushing Rashmi off the stairs. Rashmi is about to fall but Sayuri holds her hand before she could fall down. Rashmi asks Sayuri to save her and Sayuri asks her back if she saved her when she was about to fall down the cliff. Rashmi gets shocked hearing it while Sayuri asks if she thought that she forgot all that happened. Sayuri says that she remembers each and every second of that incident clearly. Rashmi at first pretends to be innocent but Sayuri asks her to quit her act. She asks how much will she lie. She says that it’s because of her she was forced to live with a stranger and went through all the difficulty. She asks how could she do this to her own sister. Rashmi apologizes Sayuri and says that it’s not only her even she couldn’t spend a peaceful life as she was swollen over guilt. She pleads Sayuri to forgive her but Sayuri says that forgiveness is meant only for mistake and not sin. Nakul who came there at the same time asks whom she will not forgive. Sayuri and Rashmi gets shocked while Sayuri tries to act normal.

Kanha is setting up the table and is thankful that Nakul and Rashmi helped. Saroj asks what’s he preparing. Saroj hesitates and Kanha asks what happened. Sayuri teases Nakul for secretly listening to their talks. Nakul says he only came to pick her as Rashmi got delayed. He says Kanha has made some surprise planned for her. Sayuri says it’s her who delayed and assures to come soon. Once he leaves, Sayuri turns to Rashmi and asks her not to think that she escaped. She says that she will say the truth to the family at any cost but at the right time. She says that she don’t want to hurt her family who is very happy with her arrival. Rashmi pleads her not to when Sayuri asks how much shocked their mother would be to know that her one daughter tried to killl other daughter. Sayuri leaves while Rashmi is terrified that Sayuri remembers everything. Kanha scolds his mother for her doubts on Sayuri and expresses his trust on her. Saroj asks him to think rationally. She says that though it’s not Sayuri’s fault how could she have protected herself from someone like Vikranth. Kanha expresses his trust on Sayuri but Saroj is not convinced. Kanha looks shocked.

Rashmi is worried and pacing around the room when Nakul comes there. He asks which sin they were talking about. Rashmi pretends normal and lies that Sayuri was talking about Vikranth’s sin. Nakul asks why did she apologize for Vikranth’s sin. Rashmi says she apologized for not there for her to help her save her from Vikranth. She pretends to be in guilt when Nakul asks what could she have done as it’s not in her hands. He asks her nit to feel guilty.

Rashmi says that it takes time for Sayuri to come out of the trauma of Vikranth. She says while they were coming down Sayuri suddenly shrugged off her hands and accused her for trying to kill her. However she says that she herself admitted later that she is scared of death being with Vikranth. Nakul comforts her while Rashmi apologizes Sayuri for again’ blaming her to cover her mistakes. Sayuri heard Saroj’s talks and says Kanha that she’s pure both by heart and mind while Kanha is least worried about it. He expresses his trust on her.

Precap: Sayuri will be dancing with Kanha when she will see Vikranth in front of her. She will be panicked about the same while others will try to control her. Kanha will put Sayuri to sleep and will say that if it’s really Vikranth then he will not leave him.

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