Woh To Hai Albela 27th February 2023 Written Update: Sayuri and Kanha’s happy times with Mithu


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The episode starts with Rashmi saying Nakul that she wanted to see Sayuri closer as it’s a miracle that she came back. Nakul says he can understand but Doctor told that Sayuri needs rest and asks her to spend time with her after she wakes up. Rashmi agrees and leaves upset with Nakul. Dadi Mausi and others asks Kanha to be Happy as he got back his life and Kanha is delighted. Yash wanted to take his leave and Kanha thanks him for always staying by his side without any proof and helped him in sach step towards Sayuri. Yash says that none says thanks to brother and assures him that there will be only happiness in his life. They both hug and Yash takes his leave. Kanha comes to Kuku and introduces her to Indrani. Kanha asks Kuku to be with Indu untill Sayuri wakes up and Indu takes Kuku with her. Kanha wants to keep Mithu with himself as Sayuri would ask for Mithu when she wakes up and leaves with Mithu.

Dadi Mausi asks Saroj what’s the problem seeing her upset. Saroj says her tension starts and ends up with Kanha. She blames Sayuri for always being the trouble maker in Kanha’s life. Dadi Mausi asks her what she’s saying as it’s not Sayuri’s fault that she had to go through all the problem. She asks her to not think so but Saroj is not convinced. She believes that Sayuri is troublemaker in Kanha’s life . Rashmi is tensed about Sayuri and finds Nakul taking care of baby. She says Nakul that Sayuri returned back after one year which is a miracle.

She asks what would he do if she gets away from the House too. Nakul asks why would she ask such question. Rashmi says she’s just asking out of curiosity as Sayuri also didn’t want to leave them house but was forcefully sway for one year. Nakul says that first of all no such thing would happen and if it happens he would really miss her as it’s her who took care of the House so well for the last one year and became a part of everyone’s life. Rashmi thinks that he doesn’t know for the fact that he himself would throw her out of the House upon hearing the truth fron Sayuri.

Sayuri wakes up with her osst trauma and Kanha consoles her. He forwards Mithu towards her and Sayuri gets emotional seeing her. Kanha says that their bad Times ended and asks her to relax. Sayuri holds Mithu tight. The next day, Kanha found pooja taking place and asks Saroj about it. Saroj says happiness returned after so long and so they have kept pooja for it. She says that it’s not necessary for Sayuri to join and asks her to rest but Kanha says she’s ready and is now making Mithu ready. Rashmi gets worried. Sayuri spends emotional moment with Indu and Dadi. Indu says about how Kanha and Rashmi had sleepless night for the past one year and Sayuri gets furious. Kanha gets call from Police that’they couldn’t find any evidence in the burnt car as Vikranth was completely burned. Sayuri comes down from stairs while Rashmi panics.

Precap: Kanha will ask Rashmi if she doesn’t want to meet her sister. Sayuri will say that it’s her face she last saw before falling from cliff. She will say that she stretched out her hand towards her. Sayuri will push Rashmi from stairs.

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