Woh To Hai Albela 28th February 2023 Written Update: Sayuri hides Rashmi’s truth from family.


Woh To Hai Albela 28th February 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Sayuri getting emotional seeing Kuku. Kuku with difficulty calls her Sayu. Everyone are shocked hearing her speak. Sayuri asks her to repeat it and Kuku again calls Sayu. Sayuri takes Dadi Mausi’s blessings who wishes happiness in their life forever. She tries to fall on Saroj’s feet but Saroj stops her and wishes her for being happy. She tries to take Dhanraj and Dadu’s blessings but they say that after what she had endured it’s actually them who should touch her feet for enduring all the hardships. They say that the House was incomplete without her presence. Sayuri says it’s the same for her. She comes to Nakul and asks whether he missed his friend and says he looks great in short hair. Nakul expresses his happiness.

Kanha says that there is one more important person who spent sleepless nights from the day she disappeared and was in great pain all these days. He asks Rashmi whether she won’t meet with her sister. Rashmi gets scared while Sayuri scrutinized her face. She says that how can she forget her as her face is the last thing she saw before falling from the cliff. She raises her hand and Rashmi thinks she’s about to slap her. However Sayuri touches her face and says that she only remembers untill she stretched out her hand towards her after seeing her face and after that she don’t remember anything. Rashmi got relieved and hugs Sayuri. Indu says it’s time for Pooja but Saroj asks Sayuri to rest as she would be tired. Sayuri says she’s fine and joins the Pooja. Rashmi wonders whether Sayuri is trying to save her or really forgot things. She’s still glad.

Kanha, Sayuri and Mithu were present during the Pooja and Kanha calls Kuku to sit near Sayuri which is disliked by Saroj. Sayuri says that whenever she was missing Mithu it’s Kuku who held her hand and helped her survive the hell. Pooja gets over. Sayuri is in room when Saroj comes there. She hears Indu asking Sayuri to forget her past and look forward for her happy Life ahead. Saroj interrupts Sayuri saying that she needs to know what all happened in the past one year. She asks if Vikranth forced himself on her when she was with him shocking Sayuri. Indu and Dadi reprimanded her but Saroj continued to question Sayuri’s physical intimacy with Vikranth.

Indu pleaded her with folded hands to Stop and Saroj thinks that her suspicion was right and Sayuri’s silence proves it and leaves. Kanha planned for Sayuri’s birthday celebration with Nakul and Rashmi. Rashmi finds everyone busy with preparing for the celebration and goes to Sayuri. She takes her somewhere promising to show her something. Sayuri slips due to water upon reaching the stair case. She wonders if Rashmi is again trying to kill her. She lets Rashmi walk in front and pushes her from behind.

Precap: Saroj will say Kanha that Sayuri spent a whole year with the guy and asks how she would have protected herself from him. Sayuri will say Kanha that her heart and body belongs only to Kanha and no one else. She will get scared to see Vikranth’s presence in front of her.

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