Woh To Hai Albela 2nd March 2023 Written Update: Rashmi fills family’s mind that Sayuri has mental trauma.


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The episode starts with Saroj worried that Kanha didn’t listen to her due to his love for Sayuri. However she’s worried about society and can’t live her whole life with this confusion. Kanha offers to dance with Sayuri. Sayuri stands on his feet and they both starts dancing together intimately. Sayuri hugs Kanha while dancing with him. She sees someone passing by and gets shocked seeing Vikranth with bandages.

She shouts in fear and Kanha asks what happened. Sayuri trembles in fear and couldn’t say anything. Everyone rushes to her and asks her what did she see. She’s still in fear and Sayuri says that she saw Vikranth. Dadi Mausi says that he’s dead but Sayuri says that he’d not as she saw him there. She is scared that he would kidnap her again and will beat her badly. She faints and Kanha takes Sayuri inside to rest. Kanha asks Nakul why did Sayuri react this way and wonders if it’s her imagination or did she really see Vikranth. Nakul is not sure and asks him to speak with Inspector once before taking any decision. He recalls Rashmi’s lies and thinks that she was right about Sayuri hallucinating things in fear.

Nakul comes down and everyone asks him about Sayuri. He says that she’s asleep and Kanha is taking care of her. Rashmi says that Sayuri is in trauma and can take years to her cured. She says that the recent incident and the incident some time back is an example for it. They ask what happened some time back and Rashmi pretends like she’s worried to say it.

She says that Sayuri was actually hallucinating some time back that she would push her off the stairs to death and asks if she would do it . Dadi Mausi says that what if Vikranth is still alive but Rashmi says there’s no way he could escape such a huge blast. Kanha calls Inspector to ask about Vikranth. Inspector asks him to wait to get forensic reports. Indu cries for Sayuri’s trauma and can’t imagine what she must have gone through. She decides to be with her always to assure her that she’s safe.

Rashmi agrees with her and says that along with Sayuri they need to take care of Kanha too. She pities fakely for Kanha and says that because of Sayuri’s trauma Kanha’s surprise is ruined. Dadi Mausi says that Kanha is sensible enough to understand the situation but Rashmi indirectly fills Saroj’s mind that Kanha is unhappy with Sayuri. Kanha recalls Sayuri’s fear and decides to end Vikranth if he’s really alive. Saroj cries over Kanha’s fate when Dadi Mausi consoles her.

She says that she needs to be proud of Kanha who stands by his better half in the difficult stage of their life. Saroj is worried that though it’s not Sayuri’s fault but it’s because of her that Kanha is in immense pain and she could never see her children happy. Dadi Mausi consoles her. Rashmi thinks that she would prove Sayuri mentally ill due to her trauma so that none would believe her when she say the truth about her and gets happy. Next day, Sayuri wakes up to find Kuku beside her. Kanha says Kuku was worried about her. Sayuri says Kuku that she’s fine and asks her to rest. Kuku leaves while Kanha asks Sayuri if she’s fine.

Precap: Saroj will express her doubt to Kanha that if Mithu is really his daughter. She will suggest to do test to confirm it once. Kanha will get angry at her and will say that he don’t need to do any test to prove that Mithu is his daughter. They both will fight while Sayuri will hear their argument.

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