Woh To Hai Albela 6th March 2023 Written Update: Saroj collects samples for the DNA test against Kanha!

Wo Toh Hai Albela

Woh To Hai Albela 6th March 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Dadi and Indrani cooking halwa for Sayuri. Indrani says from last 1 year she has gone through a lot and I think once Sayuri gets better we should leave for home. Dadi says I was thinking the same as guests should stay till the time they are respected. Rashmi comes and says you guys are going? Indrani says please don’t stop us and please understand it.

Rashmi says I understand when Sayuri was not here, Kanha was your son and I also started calling him brother but with Sayuri returning things changed and you can’t live in damad’s house but it’s fine you stay close only. Rashmi thinks it’s better that Sayuri’s supporters are reducing. Indrani gives halwa to Rashmi. Tashmi says give me Sayuri’s as well, we sisters will sit together and eat it. They leave. Rashmi thinks now I will see how much does Sayuri likes her favourite halwa. Here, Sayuri adores the kids sleeping. Sayuri thinks to switch off the TV.

Sayuri switches off the TV and sees Vikrant on TV saying I am back for you. Sayuri worries and goes out panicking. Sayuri brings Rashmi to show Vikrant on TV. Then Sayuri realises she can’t trust Rashmi so she changes the subject. Rashmi says you are not well? Sayuri says no I had it in my mind so forget it. Rashmi feels something is wrong. Here, Nakul brings Kanha’s favourite coffee for Kanha. They both have it and Kanha says soon I will return to office. Nakul says take your time as Sayuri needs you here. Kanha says where we never thought of one kid now we have two kids. Nakul says yes, with Sayuri back with two daughter Arjun also has so many siblings to play with. Kanha says we need to do proper adoption of Kuku. They both leave for room and leave the coffee glasses outside.

Saroj comes and takes Kanha’s coffee glass as evidence and Dadi mausi takes Mithu’s bottle as evidence for DNA test. Saroj feels sorry to disobey Kanha. Dadi mausi says we are not doing anything wrong it’s just to calm our mind and accept Mithu whole heartedly. They agree to it and decide to send it for DNA. Here, Rashmi gives halwa to Sayuri. Sayuri feels Rashmi might have added something to it. Sayuri asks Rashmi to eat it. Rashmi’s hand trembles so Sayuri says it’s the matter of one spoon so have it first. Rashmi takes one spoon and eats it. Rashmi says you are not trusting me right?

You felt I mixed something for you, I made it for you out of love. Sayuri says whatever you have done to me it’s not possible to trust you. Rashmi says so you will never forgive me? Kanha says forgive you for what? What happened Sayuri? Rashmi looks at her with emotional eyes. Sayuri says Rashmi is feeling guilty for not being able to save me from Vikrant. Kanha asks Rashmi to calm down and not think so much as the bigger picture is Sayuri is back. They all go to sleep. Sayuri wakes up in the middle of the night and goes to hall and she sees someone’s shadow. Then she hears Vikrant’s voice and sees Vikrant saying he is back for her and now they will live together. She starts to panic and cries. She sits on the floor crying and trembling with fear when Kanha comes and asks what happened? Sayuri says Vikrant, I saw him. Kanha hugs her and calms her down.

Episode ends.

Precap – Holi preparations are going on when Sayuri gets a call from Vikrant. She worries.

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