Woh To Hai Albela 7th March 2023 Written Update: Nakul takes stand for Sayuri and Mittu


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The episode starts with Doctor checking Sayuri and asks Kanha to take care of Sayuri. They both get down and everyone asks him about Sayuri. Dadi takes the Doctor away in the pretext of asking about medicine and Nakul finds something suspicious. Kanha says that the Doctor said that Sayuri has post traumatic disorder and needs to get treated. Rashmi gets happy as no one would trust Sayuri anymore even if she says the truth. Saroj suggests getting her treated outside the house but Kanha says that more than ajh treatment she now needs the support of her family and makes it clear that she would get treated in the house.

The doctor is about to leave when Dadi Mausi stops him and asks him for a favour. She gives the samples to the Doctor and asks him to take the DNA test in a secret way and lies that Sayuri wanted to do it. The doctor leaves agreeing and Nakul witnesses it all. He confronts Dadi Mausi about it when Saroj comes to her favour. They say that they are doing it just to get rid of the doubts in their mind. Nakul takes a firm stand for Sayuri and Mittu and completely believes that she’s his brother’s daughter. They ask him to promise to not say the truth to anyone. Nakul promises them but also says that he would break the promise if their actions hurt his brother and sister in law anyway.

Kanha prays to God to help Sayuri as she already went through a lot by staying away from the family. Dhanraj comes there and asks him to do anything that could bring the lost happiness in Sayuri’s life. Kanha takes care of Sayuri and says that the next day they are planning to do Mittu’s naming ceremony the next day. Sayuri gets excited about the same and wants to select a suitable name for their baby. She wants Pandit to select their daughter’s name’s first letter. They both are elated and Rashmi watches them from outside. She calls someone and alerts them to be ready as Kanha is always with Sayuri.

The next day during the naming ceremony, pandit sejects the first letter for the baby and writes it on a plate secretly. While everyone are excited he finally reveals the letter to parents. Everyone gets elated as the first letter is K Just like baby’s father. Nakul asks them to start fighting on who’s going to keep the name. Sayuri says that she always wanted her daughter to have same starting letter as Kanha but name would be chosen only by her. They both fight and starts dancing. Nakul and Rashmi joins them. Sayuri gets a call and goes aside. She asks who it is and the caller calls her Sanchu in Vikranth’s voice.

Precap: Sayuri will run after a masked person asking what he knows about her daughter. the person stops and turns around. He removes his mask and Sayuri will be shocked seeing Vikranth. Vikranth will say that this is the truth.

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