Woh Toh Hai Albela 16th March 2022 Written Update: Sayuri meets Chiru


Woh Toh Hai Albela 16th March 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

At the beginning of the episode, Saroj serves food to Chiru. Chiru eats the food and praises her. He says that she cooks the best food. Saroj says but still, he feels that today it was her fault so she cannot say anything because now he has grown up and wiser too. Chiru tells Saroj that she should put an end to all this. Saroj says that all this will now end only after her death.

Sayuri, on the other hand, is eating fruits. She sees Krishna and breaks into tears. Further, Chiru comes to Krishna’s room and Krishna hugs him. Krishna says that he missed him a lot and from today onwards he should not go away from him. Chiru then gives a gift to Krishna. Krishna gets delighted to see the brand new camera. Nakul gets happy seeing Krishna happy. Further, Chiru also gifts a new phone to Nakul.

Nakul cheerfully hugs him. Saroj gets emotional seeing them together. Krishna thinks that he should make a video with this camera. Nakul says that he should take the first video of God. Krishna smiles and says that his god is Chiru. Saroj prays to God that her children should not be harmed by anyone. Dhanraj tells Dada Ji that happiness has returned as soon as Chiru arrives.

Here Chiru gets a call from someone. He leaves the room. Nakul tells Krishna that he should get Chiru married so that he never leaves. Krishna does not like his idea because it will make Chiru spend time with his wife and will not give time to them. Nakul tells Krishna that today Saroj was talking about Chiru’s marriage. Krishna is shocked to hear this.

On the other hand, Chiru comes to meet Sayuri. He also brings gifts for her. Sayuri gets happy. Chiru apologizes to her on behalf of his mother. Here Krishna comes out and his camera is about to fall from his hand but he saves it. He thinks that his camera must have taken a good video from above. But that video gets deleted from him due to which he is unable to watch the video of Sayuri and Chiru.

Sayuri thinks that it is good that Krishna did not see anything or else he would have landed her in trouble again. Chiru says that she should learn to tolerate Krishna as soon she is going to become her bhabhi. He adds that he is going to tell Saroj about them tomorrow. Here Saroj calls Pandit Ji so that she can choose the best girl for Chiru. The next morning, Sayuri worships the Lord which bothers Saroj.

Precap: Saroj tells Chiru that Panditji is going to come today. Chiru gets sad hearing this. Nakul feels that Chiru likes someone else.

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