Woh Toh Hai Albela Upcoming Story: Kanha will create trouble for chiru and Sayuri


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Star Bharat’s new show is gearing up for more drama as Kanha finds out that Chiru loves Sayuri. He thinks to separate them. Now it will be interesting to see will Kanha be able to separate Chiru from Sayuri?

In the previous episode, we saw that Sayuri asks Chiru to ask Kanha to stay away from her. Because this job is very important for her. Kanha says that he doesn’t care about her tears. Chiru says that but he feels sad to see Sayuri sad. Sayuri tells Chiru that Kanha has sworn that he will not let her live in peace. She adds that Kanha repeatedly taunts her that she has trapped him. She wants Chiru to tell Kanha that they both love each other and she hasn’t trapped him. Here Saroj is coming towards Chiru.

Kanha says that he will never let her and Chiru unite. Chiru gets upset with his words and asks him to shut up. But Kanha does not calm down. Chiru gets angry and slaps him. Kanha gets shocked. Saroj sees tears in his eyes and asks what happened. Kanha imagines that he has told everything to Saroj and Saroj tells Chiru to break up with Sayuri. Chiru does the same. Just then Chiru comes there and his imagination breaks. Chiru informs Saroj that he has scolded Kanha because he has started troubling people a lot these days.

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Chiru will come to meet Sayuri. Kanha will lock them and tell about them to Saroj. Saroj will get angry and will go to Indu. Later they will come in front of the temple.

What will happen now?

Will Chiru forgive Kanha?