Woh Toh Hai Albela Upcoming Story: Kanha will lock Sayuri in the temple


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Star Bharat’s new show is gearing up for more drama as Kanha finds out that Chiru loves Sayuri. He thinks to separate them. Now it will be interesting to see will Kanha be able to separate Chiru from Sayuri?

In the previous episode, we saw that Dhanraj gets angry at Saroj as Saroj scolded Sayuri unnecessarily. He says that she is a good mother, a good daughter-in-law but she ruins all this because of her hatred. He explains to her that she should let go of hatred or else it will only harm her. Here Nakul asks Kanha to tell him the truth.

Kanha tells him that Chiru likes a girl and her name is Sayuri. Nakul stands shocked. Indu asks Sayuri if she is worried about anything else. Sayuri asks her why Saroj hates her so much. Indu says that she should not be so worried about Saroj.

Just then Chiru’s call comes to her. She picks up his call. He apologizes to her. Sayuri says that he has not done any mistake so he does not need to apologize to her. Chiru says that from today onwards Kanha will not bother her. He tells her that now she too should leave her anger and calm down. Sayuri says fine. The next morning Chiru is going to the washroom. Kanha says why is he getting ready so early today. Chiru says that he is going to the meeting. Kanha does not believe him. He thinks that he is going to meet Sayuri. On which Chiru gets angry and he scolds him.

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Kanha will misbehave with Sayuri. Chiru will get angry and slap him. Kanha will think to take revenge. He will lock Sayuri in the temple. Chiru will be with her too. Later Saroj will find out that Chiru likes Sayuri. She will be shocked.

What will happen now? Will Saroj accept Sayuri