Woh Toh Hai Albela Upcoming Story: Will Saroj realise her mistake?


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Star Bharat’s new show is based on Krishna who is a social media star and loves his brother a lot. However, soon he is going to find himself in a trouble. Now it will be interesting to see what turn Krishna’s life is going to take.

In the previous episode, we saw that Krishna is about to get hurt however Chiru saves him. He then gives him his shoes. Krishna refuses to wear it as he can not take his place. Saroj comes to Chiru. She says that Krishna is right, no one can take his place. Chiru says that his brother can think further than him. Saroj says but no one can be like him.

They then take a family photo. Further, Krishna comes to Sayori and puts colour on her face. Sayori gets angry. Nakul tells Krishna that if Chiru comes to know about this, he will scold him a lot. Just then Sayori comes there and pours colour on Krishna.

Krishna tells her that he will not leave her. Chiru then calls them as they have to go to the temple for worship. Here Sayori’s mother sees Saroj. She remembers the fight between them and gets sad. Sayori calms her down. Later, Sayori sees that Saroj’s saree has caught fire. She uses her hands to extinguish it. While Saroj slaps her. Everyone gets shocked seeing this.

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Sayori’s mother will question Saroj why she slapped Sayori. Saroj will say that if Sayori will try to put her nose in her business then won’t leave her. Later Chaudhari family will throw a party for Chiru. On the other hand, Sayori will try to comfort her mother.

What will happen next in Sayori’s life? Will Saroj realise her mistake?