Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 10th August 2022 Written Update: Kusum asks Saroj to clear her mess.

Wo Toh Hai Albela

Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 10th August 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Kanha saying Anjali that both he and her knows that what she just did was a drama. He says that his mother cares about her health which is why she let’s her stay there. He warns her to stay in her limits else he won’t hesitate to cross his. He reminds her that Sayuri is his wife and leaves angrily.

Everyone also leaves too. Saroj comes to Anjali for her act and asks her what she was doing. She says that she would’ve slowly explained Kanha that she’s the right choice for him but she’s spoiling it with her own act. Anjali asks what’s the use as Kanha keeps changing Sayuri’s name saying he’s one woman’s man. Saroj assures Anjali that she would explain Kanha and Anjali asks her to make it happen soon else she needs to inform her father. She leaves taking the knife and says that she trusts her words. Saroj recalls Anjali’s words.

Kanha is angrily pacing and asks God what’s happening in his life. Nakul comes there and tries to calm him down. He says that his friend and his wife were acting according to their wish. He asks what did he do to deserve it. He says that his wife is doing everything to get him married to Anjali. He recalls how everything was going right when Anjali’s drama ruined everything. He keeps asking what mistake did he do. Nakul says that he didn’t do any wrong and says that everyone are acting their way according to their wish and he’s not responsible for it. He advises him to not get influenced by anyone including Sayuri and become the old happy Kanha. He asks him to behave they same way he did downstairs.

Sayuri starts doing her work where Indrani gets disappointed that she didn’t go. She’s worried that Kanha would her trapped by Anjali and Saroj. Nakul gives the earring box to Kanha and Kanha happily takes it. He says that he missed it a lot. Anjali is also very angry and says that Kanha should change himself before it’s too late. She says that he needs to listen to Saroj’s words before she does something worse. She says that if he’s stubborn then she’s no less.

Kusum sees Saroj taking her medicine her self and asks whether she’s upset. She repents for bringing Anjali home. Kusum also agrees with her. She says that Kanha is stubborn and would never accept Anjali and if Anjali harms herself there’s chance for everyone to go to jail especially Kanha. Saroj also worried about Anjali’s father. She says that they can’t let Anjali marry Kanha as for marriage if she could do so much then imagine what could she do after marriage. She says that Kanha completely became Sayuri’s and there’s no way he would accept other person. She leaves asking her to clear her own mess. Saroj is worried.

Sayuri is worried about what’s happening with Kanha when Kanha comes there. He gets romantic with her and Lewis her hand on his heart. He ties her hair to a ring and takes her saree falls and hooks it on his wrist. He asks her to come back to their house and confesses his love for her. He holds out his hand. Sayuri is about to hold it when she sees Anjali. She runs away taking her saree falls away. Anjali comes tp Kanha and asks him to forget Sayuri. Kanha refuses to listen to her and Anjali decides to take things in her hands.

Precap : Priyu will say Kanha that Sayuri really loves him and Kanha will say that he’s aware of it. He will say that God has bounded them in a strong relation. Sayuri will inform Manga that she’s going way from the city shocking everyone.

The episode starts with Sayuri wonders how to send the earrings to Kanha. She’s worried for him when she sees Nakul and calls him. Sayuri asks what happened and Nakul says that every thing is fine except Kanha. Sayuri panics and asks what happened to Kanha for which Nakul says that his wife left him and his wife is also in same pain. Sayuri asks Nakul to give the earring to Kanha but he refuses and asks her to take it herself. Finally Sayuri convinced him and Nakul took the earring asking her to come back for the same love for which she left. Sayuri wonders what is Nakul saying.

Kanha pushes away Anjali and says that only Sayuri is his wife and asks her to leave the place. Anjali says Sayuri left him and they can live a happy life. Kanha drags Anjali out of the room and comes shouting for Saroj. He asks her to look st Anjali and everyone gets shocked seeing her in marital attire. He says that she herself claims to be his wife and says that he applied sindoor on her head. Everyone including Kusum lash out at Anjali asking how could she behave so low and asks her to think about her family. Kanha asks Saroj to throw Anjali out of the house but Saroj recalls Anjali’s threat.

Nakul asks Anjali what’s she doing for which Anjali claims that she’s not lying and says that she has proof that it’s Kanha who filled her forehead and shows the video she took last night. Kanha says its clear from the video that it was her who applied the sindoor herself on her forehead when he was asleep and he has nothing to do with it. Anjali asks what’s the issue as anyhow they are marred. She tries to make Kanha remember that they were about to get married while it was Sayuri who came between them. Sayuri is speaking to Indrani and Nani and says about what Nakul said but both asked her to deal it herself.

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