Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 11th March 2023 Written Update: Rashmi gets arrested on Sayuri’s complaint

Wo Toh Hai Albela

The episode starts with Rashmi telling Kanha that it’s not who did it. Nakul also agreed with her. He holds Ravi by collar and asks him to say the truth. Sayuri angrily asks Rashmi how much more she will try to hurt her. She says that she hid the truth for her but not anymore. She says that today she would bring out her reality in front of everyone. Kanha asks what she is saying and asks what Rashmi did. Sayuri continued confronting Reshmi when Indu asked her to say clearly what she did. Sayuri says that she didn’t fall from the cliff by mistake but someone instead pushed her. She says that it’s her who pushed her off the cliff shocking everyone. She narrated whatever happened that day while everyone was too shocked to react.

Rashmi says that it’s the truth but this time she didn’t do anything and asked Sayuri to trust her. She says that she did it out of fear and spent an entire year in guilt. Kanha asks her to shut up as he’s trying hard to hold himself from hitting her. Sayuri tries to console Kanha but Kanha is angry at her too for hiding such a big thing from him. Nakul ruins the things in that place and tells Rashmi that she ruined the things for his family just the same way. Rashmi pleads with him to believe that she did out of her own insecurity but this time she didn’t do anything. Indu slaps Rashmi saying that Nakul and Kanha’s hands are tied due to their goodness but a mother’s hand is free to give her the deserved slap. She confronts her about how she could fall so low to try to kill her own sister. Rashmi still pleads with her.

Inspector comes there to arrest Ravi and Sayuri asks him to take Rashmi away too as she’s also involved. Rashmi pleads with Kanha and everyone but none helped her. Rashmi asks Nakul to think about their child Arjun when Nakul warns her to not take his name as he’s only his child. He asks the Inspector to take her away. Police drag Rashmi away despite her pleadings. Rashmi angrily holds Ravi by collar for getting her trapped in the crime without any involvement with him. Indu falls down broken and crying asking where she went wrong with her upbringing. Sayuri asks her not to blame herself as she is also brought up by her and no one knows what messed her mind. Nakul apologizes to Sayuri on behalf of Rashmi but Sayuri asks him not to as it’s not his fault.

Dhanraj is gosf that Rashmi’s truth is out while Indu is still in distress. Kanha leaves angry at Sayuri and Sayuri goes after him. Saroj recalls her and Dadi Mausi hiring Ravi only to trap Rashmi as Dadi Mausi heard Sayuri’s confrontation with Rashmi. Saroj says that it’s good she heard the truth and informed her . Dadi Mausi says only Rashmi is out from the house and they are yet to get Sayuri’s test results.

Precap: Sayuri tells Kanha that he handled himself but is worried about Nakul . Kanha agrees with her when the servant informs them that Nakul angrily went out. Saroj asks Dadi Mausi if they are putting their children in pain in the context of punishing Sayuri and Rashmi. Sayuri and Kusum come there.