Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 12th December 2022 Written Update: Saroj has a nightmare.

Wo Toh Hai Albela

Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 12th December 2022 Written Update On SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Dadi saying that they can’t get him married to a girl who is already married and her brother is a murderer. She accuses them for cheating them by hiding the truth. Yash says it’s not true as he already know the truth and it’s no fault of Kusum and family. His Dadi scolds him for not caring to say the truth to his family. He says that Kusum’s ex husband was a monster and his murder was an accident.

Dadi refuses to listen to any of his words and wants to call off the marriage. Kanha pleads with folded hands in front of her and tries to explain himself. Yash asks him not to as he didn’t do anything wrong. He says Dadi that if not Kanha he himself would’ve killed Rishi for torturing Kusum. Dadi doesn’t listen to any of his words and wants to still cancel the wedding. Kusum steps in and asks them not to fight. She says that she will not get married without their permission and asks them to calm down.

Yash refuses to budge saying that he can’t leave ditching Kusum. He says that he would be grateful if he marries with their blessings. However he says that he would still marry Kusum no matter what. His Dadi leaves the wedding disowning him and leaves with Yash’s mother. Dhanraj consoles Yash asking him not to lose hope as they are there for him. He says that the family is also his and cheers him up.

At night, Rashmi prays God for the wedding to take place without any problem happily but the wind blows hard indicating the upcoming danger. Saroj dreams of Kanha’s dead body and wakes up shouting. Dhanraj consoles her when Saroj says about dream. He says it’s the fear of losing the current happiness that ends up in such dream and asks her to not worry. Next morning, Saroj lights lamp in front of God and says about her fear of something happening to her children. She prays to protect them.

Kanha finds Nakul sleeping and admires his brother. He prays God to give all his pain to him and fill his life with happiness. He lifts the flower basket when the Mala Saroj gave fell from his hand but he didn’t notice it. Two thieves plan to kidnap groom to get ransom. They lift another flowers basket and Kanha doubts seeing them. Another person says that two more servants were about to join them and they may be the one. Kanha let’s them off the hook.

Nakul and Rashmi exchange garlands followed by Kusum and Yash and everyone gives their blessings. Pandit asks them to go to the Mandap when Nakul says he won’t as he needs to go to the washroom. The thieves follow behind him. Everyone waits for Nakul as he’s still finding the washroom. Saroj sends Kanha to bring Nakul as Rashmi is sitting alone on Mandap. Kanha is about to leave when his bracelet gets stuck with Sayuri’s dupatta. He removes it and leaves passing a smile to her. The thieves were waiting outside washroom to kidnap Nakul when Kanha comes there and asks what the hell.

Precap : Kidnappers will be about to take Kanha in the box when Sayuri will stop them and question them that where they are taking the box. They will get scared.

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