Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 14th June 2022 Written Update: Sayuri and Kanha resolve their misunderstanding.


Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 14th June 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Sayuri sitting in temple sadly. Kanha comes there but doesn’t see Sayuri. He both were leaning on the opposite of the same pillar and recalls whatever happened. Few kids were playing. A boy sneakily drags a thread of Sayuri’s dress and links it with Kanha’s bandaged hand.

Nakul asks to people about Kanha and one person shows him the direction he went. Kanha thinks that Sayuri and his mother were right as Chiru died because of him. He gets up and Sayuri’s thread gets dragged along with him. Kanha walks on burning coal continuously. Nakul shouts Kanha’s name hearing it and Sayuri also hears it. Sayuri gets shocked seeing Kanha walking on burning coal.

Nakul takes him out and asks what happened to him and Why’s he doing this. Kanha says that it’s his mistake as he should’ve stopped Chiru from going forward with the marriage. He says that he tried making Chiru understand but he was not ready to listen. He says that he told that if he doesn’t marry Sayuri then it’s equal to his death even if he’s alive. He says that he was helpless as Chiru took promise from him.

He again blames himself for not stopping Chiru to go ahead with the marriage. Nakul asks why didn’t he inform Sayuri about it but Kanha says that he couldn’t as if he did Sayuri would live in guilt forever and he can’t keep the promise he gave to Chiru to protect her. He says that he can take the blame all by himself but can’t let Sayuri suffer in guilt. Sayuri hears it all and thinks what she has done and told to Kanha and regrets it all.

Kanha is lying on bed and Sayuri applies medicine to his wound. Kanha thinks it’s Nakul who is touching his feet and asks him to go away. He turns to find Sayuri and asks what’s she doing. Sayuri worries about his injury but Kanha says he deserves it. Sayuri asks why is he punishing himself without any mistake of his. She says that it’s Chiru and the fate which played in their lives and asks why is he blaming himself for no mistake of his. She says she heard his conversation with Nakul in temple.

She says that if she has lost her love in the incident he also lost his loving brother. She says that it’s not his fault and decides to let go off all that happened. She says her Dadi believed in moving on always and they need to follow it. She says that if they can break friendship so quick then they can unite the same way and forwards the friendship band. She scolds him for getting his bandage undone and helps him with it. Nakul who came there with medicine for Kanha witness it and leaves satisfied. Sayuri and Kanha patch up.

Precap : Saroj will stop Kanha from lending his hand for help and will accuse him as a murderer who killed her son. Sayuri will ask her to stop and will warn that from today no one with accuse Kanha nor will be tolerate anymore punishment as he’s not at fault.

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