Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 14th March 2022 Written Update: Sayori dislikes Krishna


Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 14th March 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with the entry of Krishna who is a fun-loving person and is very much in love with his brother. Ahead something is about to hit his leg but Chiru stops him. Krishna asks him how he always knows that he is going to get hurt and then he saves him. Chiru asks him why he is not wearing shoes. He gives him his shoes. But Krishna refuses to wear it as he cannot take his place.

Saying this he leaves from there. Then there comes Chiru’s mother. She says that Krishna is right, no one can take his place. Chiru says that his brother can think further than him. Saroj says but no one can be like him. She adds that it is because of him that their business has grown and now soon she will start talking about his marriage. Kusum comes. Saroj gets happy seeing her.

She says that she considers only Kusum as her daughter. Dhanraj arrives. He says that she is always scratching her wounds due to which she is never able to forget her pain. Saroj remembers old memories and her eyes gets moist. Here Nakul is about to fall from the roof but Krishna saves him. He scolds him and asks what would have happened if he fell. Nakul laughs and says that he believed that nothing is going to happen to him as he is with him.

Saroj further gets angry seeing Krishna with the camera. Bauji tells her to calm down as this is his job. While Saroj does not like his vlogging work. Here Krishna performs the dance and Nakul makes his video. After this Krishna brings Chiru and dances with him too. Krishna tells him that he has missed him a lot and he does not want to stay away from him.

Chiru promises him that he will never leave him. They come to Saroj and seek her blessings. Saroj hugs them. Saroj further sees a girl whom she gets worried seeing. The girl also greets her but Saroj does not give her any answer. Here Nakul tells Krishna that Saroj loves Chiru more. Krishna feels the same way. Nakul asks him if he doesn’t feel bad. He refuses as Chiru is the best.

They then take a family photo. Further, Krishna comes to Sayori and gets her colour. Sayori asks him how he dared to do such a thing. Krishna tells her that if she has the courage, then she should come and show it in front of his mother. Sayori gets angry hearing this. She says that everything bad happens in her life always because of him. Here Nakul tells Krishna that if Chiru comes to know about this, he will scold him a lot. Just then Sayori comes there and pours colour on Krishna.

Krishna tells her that he will not leave her. Chiru then calls them as they have to go to the temple for worship. Here Sayori’s mother sees Saroj. She remembers the fight between them and gets sad. Sayori calms her down. Later, Sayori sees that Saroj’s saree has caught fire. She uses her hands to extinguish it. While Saroj slaps her. Everyone gets shocked seeing this.

Precap: Sayori’s mother tells Saroj that her daughter saved her life, then how did she raise her hand. While Sayori tells Krishna that the enmity between their family is because of him.

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