Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 15th June 2022 Written Update: Saroj shocked with Sayuri’s boldness.


Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 15th June 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Sayuri’s family worried for Kanha and Sayuri when Nakul comes there with sweets. He shows the video of Sayuri aiding Kanha and everyone gets happy. Nakul assures that soon everything will get alright. Kanha and Sayuri comes to breakfast table and everyone asks Kanha what happens to his feet.

Kanha lies that he got blisters and so Sayuri is helping him. They just wants them to be each other’s help like this always. Saroj is about to fall down and Kanha holds her. She pushes him away saying that she would get hurt anywhere but would never accept his sinful hands for help. Sayuri is outraged and takes stand for Kanha. She asks how could she say like that about her son. Saroj says that they both are responsible for Chiru’s death.

She says that they both are pulling curtains on other person’s mistake. Sayuri says that everyone knew how much adamant Chiru is and he didn’t stop no matter how much Kanha pleaded. She asks what was Kanha’s mistake in all this. Saroj says its all because of her as she’s an expert in luring people with her tslks. She wonders how everyone easily falls in her trap. The family trues stopping Saroj but she doesn’t listen.

Sayuri comes to Saroj and says that she blames her for his death. She asks her to call Pandit and ask whether Chiru died because of her. Saroj says she confirmed it herself. Sayuri says she would’ve confirmed that Chiru died because of marrying her but she never married Chiru. She says he died even before reaching the Mandap and asks how could she blame her for his death. She says that she can understand her blind love for Chiru but asks her to think about Kanha too. She says that she will not tolerate anything against Kanha anymore. Saroj leaves looking angrily at Kanha and Sayuri.

Kusum runs after her but before that she turns towards Sayuri and says that the way she raised her voice against elders proved her wrong upbringing and runs after Saroj. Sayuri is worried whether she made a mistake but Dhanraj says that her upbringing would be questioned only if she doesn’t raise the voice. They say that she did right. Kanha also says Sayuri that as much as his mother has right to scold him, she also has the same right to defend him.

Saroj is angry that Sayuri spoke against her. Kusum asks her to not fail and give up in front of Sayuri. She says that they can make food only if they beat the flour well. Kusum asks her to beat her well till her courage and over confidence breaks down completely. Kanha comes to Sayuri and finds her reading the book reverse.

He mocks her and asks if she still keeps peacock feather between the pages of the book. Sayuri gives a speech about peacock feather and Kanha claps for her. He leaves and decides to thank her with something special. Nakul and Rashmi are giving various ideas to Kanha to gift Sayuri. Kanha explains his needs and they leave asking him to think about it himself and gift her. Kanha is happy that he got an idea.

Precap : Kanha will make Sayuri wear an identity card. His gift will be to let her join a job and Sayuri will be happy to hear it. Saroj will say no as the Family’s daughter in law will not do job.

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