Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 17th June 2022 Written Update: Sayuri agrees to go to party with Kanha.


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The episode starts with Kanha asking Saroj what did she say to. His wife. Saroj taunts him and repeat that Chaudharys bahu won’t go for work. She asks him to get her surname Chaudhary dropped and go ahead with her job. Kanha told that it has nothing to do with surname as its her duty to serve her family.

Saroj is not convinced and insults her family for living with their daughter’s money. Kanha asks what’s the issue if a daughter earns for her family. He says that when they can accept son’s money for the family expenses then why can’t they do the same for the daughters.

Saroj says she doesn’t want to hear anything and stands firm that Sayuri would not go to work. Kanha continued arguing but Sayuri stops him. Saroj goes in fuming while Kanha scolds Sayuri for giving up her dream job. Sayuri explained him that she’s not giving up but is just holding it until her anger cools down a bit.

Anjali is saying her father about Kanha’s changed behaviour and is excited to spend time with him during the party. She asks him to not say anyone about his arrival else her plan would get spoiled. Her father asks if she’s doing right as Kanha is husband of another girl but Anjali doesn’t want to consider it. Kanha fights with Sayuri for not going for her job. She says her talents would get rusted if she stays at home.

Sayuri finally agrees to go to job and Kanha gets happy. Anjali comes in front of mirror and speaks with herself to dress up so beautiful so that Kanha wouldn’t shift his eyes from her. She thinks that the night could be a big change in their life and stats putting on make up.

Kanha confirms with Sayuri whether she really want to go with him and Sayuri says she wants to go with him. Her saree gets stuck with his and she removes it. Kanha asks her to wear black and leaves. Sayuri thinks and agrees. Kusum sees it all and says Saroj about Sayuri making plans to go to party the next day. She’s frustrated that she’s everywhere.

Saroj asks Kusum to not get scared if something happens to her the next day. Sayuri is also getting ready as she makes preparations for her dress. Kanha sees it and smiles. While stitching her finger gets pricked and Kanha aids to her. He leaves while Sayuri laughs it off. Saroj sees Kanha passing by with a smile.

Next day, Dhanraj feels that everything is going good after long time. Nakul and Kanha argue over who’s going to attend the party. Nakul asks what’s the need for him to attend the party when he’s there to take care of the company.

He says that he wants to enjoy his free time but Kanha says that he needs to learn everything and asks what if he left suddenly. Nakul shouts at him and asks him to not say that and agrees to attend the party. They both hug. Kusum witness it all and pretends to faint. Kanha and everyone tries to make her wakeup but she doesn’t get up.

Dhanraj leaves to call doctor. Dhanraj says that Doctor told that it’s dehydration. Saroj wakes up and Kanha asks her to rest. Saroj says how can she when they need to make many items for God. She says Kusum can’t go inside kitchen for 2/3 days. Sayuri offers to do it and everyone agrees. Saroj thinks that she needs to let go off few small things to achieve bigger ones.

Precap : Saroj will ask Sayuri to not come between Anjali and Kanha’s relationship and will ask her to not go to the party with Kanha . Sayuri will go to the party with Kanha and they both will dance.

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