Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 18th March 2023 Written Update: Chan wants to take Sayuri’s place in Kanha’s life

Wo Toh Hai Albela

Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 18th March 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Kanha and Sayuri praying for Chaman’s recovery. They discuss and pity her . Kanha leaves while Chaman acts like she’s still unconscious and listens to their talks. They were about to leave when Sayuri gets doubtful and turns around. Chaman goes back to pretending. Sayuri gets curious about her hair pin but Chaman immediately wakes up before she touches it. She puts up an emotional act and pretends like a weak person. Sayuri gives her courage and asks her to rest and leaves the place. Chaman starts dancing once she leaves. She finds chocolates and starts eating it .

While Chaman is lost in dancing, Nakul approaches her and Chaman gets shocked seeing him. He asks her to leave thinking of her as his wife. Chaman gets relieved and thinks that she wants to be his sister in law. Kanha comes there and Chaman runs away to hide. Kanha asks Nakul what happened and where he went. Nakul says he went to prison to meet Rashmi. He says that she kept saying that she didn’t plan the attack. Kanha comforts him and gives him strength. Chaman hears it all from a distance and is astonished with Kanha’s kind nature. She falls for him harder. Kanha and Nakul hugs.

The next day, Kanha is making vlogs as he announces that it’s the baby’s naming ceremony today. He says that it’s just the first letter selected before and only today they are finalising a name. Indu comes there and she recalls Saroj’s harsh words towards her. Sayuri comes there and she finds something wrong with her mother but she doesn’t reveal it. Saroj comes to Nakul and encourages him to forget the betrayals by Rashi and live his life. She comforts him. Kanha comes there and they both have lots of fun. Chaman who sees it all hiding there. She dreams about Kanha clicking her pictures.

Ceremony starts and Kanha calls them for pooja. Saroj wishes that the reports arrive before the ceremony starts. Kanha urges to start the ceremony and Saroj asks the servant to bring aarti thaal. Chaman comes there jidung her face to escape from Nakul and makes the servant fall down. however she pretends like saving the plate and Sayuri thanks her. She asks the reason for hiding her face and Chaman gives ritual as excuse. Sayuri asks her to remove it as they don’t follow it there. Dadi Mausi asks them to leave it and concentrate on pooja. Sayuri before leaving asks for her name and she says Chaman Bahaar. Sayuri and Kanha sit in pooja.

Precap: Saroj will learn that the reports have arrived and was given to someone else in family. Sayuri finds the reports on floor and tries to take it but Saroj lashes out at her and snatches it from her. Kanha asks Saroj what’s in the report.

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