Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 19th July 2022 Written Update: Saroj confuses Sayuri.


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The episode starts with Sayuri takin a cab and is in a hurry to meet Kanha. Kanha speaks with Sayuri’s photo and thanks her for making him feel so special. He looks at his bike and recalls Sayuri’s wish. He decides to fulfil her wish. He dreams of Sayuri. Everyone sit at dining table for food. Dhanraj praises Kanha for his work and Saroj says that he’s like that from childhood. She asks Kanha about Anjali that why didn’t she come home after last time. Kanha says may be she’s busy.

Saroj says it’s OK if she’s busy but if it’s because he broke his friendship with her then it would be a problem. Kanha says that it’s her actions which is the reason for him not keeping friendship with her. Saroj says Sayuri is not a Queen that anyone shouldn’t say anything about her. She says that she always dreamt of getting married to him and due to it she behaved that way. Kanha doesn’t argue.

Saroj continued to force Kanha ny asking whether he would’ve married Anjali if Sayuri was not in picture. Kanha hesitates but replies yes. He says what’s the use to speak all that now. Saroj thinks that there’s no use for him but there’s use for her and looks at the entrance. Kanha also looks towards entrance to find Sayuri standing with a sad face.

Saroj thinks she did as she planned. Kanha rushes to Sayuri and asks how come she’s there so soon. Sayuri says her work is done over early and so came early. She also adds that it’s good she came early. Kanha is about to help her with her luggage but she herself drags it away. Saroj thinks that she knew that no girl would like to hear her husband speak about another girl in her absence.

Nakul says she was supposed to return late and Sayuri answers that their Dean has to cancel the session due to some important work and so she returned early. Nakul asks if does that mean she came back with others. Sayuri says no. She says that they all are still in Delhi for sight seeing but it’s only her who returned. Sayuri is going to take her bags to room but Kanha holds the bag. She leaves without a word.

Rashmi and Priya were planning for Sayuri’s birthday. Nani praises Kanha and wishes for his togetherness with Sayuri. Indu wishes for the same and says about what happened in temple. Nani assures that everything will happen for good. Saroj calls Anjali and scolds her for not coming there and convinces her to come there. Kanha finds Sayuri furious and asks what’s the issue. Sayuri says nothing but Kanha forces her to say what happened.

Sayuri says Anjali and Kanha recalls what happened a while back. Kanha tries to make her understand that she didn’t come between him and Anjali and says it was God’s wish. He asks her not to complicate things with unnecessary thoughts and leaves a confused Sayuri. Kanha says to himself that everything would be fine once he says his heart to her in the party.

Anjali calls Sayuri and asks her to meet her in private without anyone’s knowledge. Kanha couldn’t wait to confess his love while Sayuri is lost in her world. She bumps with Saroj who scolds her for dreaming and taunts her for enjoying the luxury of everything due to Kanha. She blames Sayuri for coming between Anjali and Kanha.

Precap : Kanha will take Sayuri to the birthday set up and will surprise her. He will propose Sayuri with a ring and will go on his knees.

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