Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 1st August 2022 Written Update: Kanha irritated by Anjali.


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The episode starts with the ladies praising Kanha and self pitying themselves for not having husband like Kanha. Sayuri feels bad and agrees to get on bike with Kanha. Anjali request Saroj to get her married to Kanha as soon as possible.

She says that then her father will be happy and won’t think of anything against the family. Nakul recalls Anjali’s words and decides to not let her intention succeed. Anjali asks Saroj ti get her married to Kanha and Saroj promises the same. Anjali thanks her a lot.

Kanha says to Sayuri that he teapoy loves her a lot. Anjali proposes to cook for Kanha and asks what he likes for which Saroj says that he likes only Indian food. She’s about to say that he likes the food made by her only but Anjali says he would forget about her food from today and will daily have food from her hands. She starts chopping the vegetables while Saroj and Kusum were stunned by her behaviour. Sayuri comes to college and writes something on board.

Kanha comes there and Sayuri gets surprised seeing him. She asks what’s he doing there for which Kanha tells that it’s his college too and everyone welcomes him there. He returns her identity card to her which she missed and Sayuri thanks him. He says i love you too and pretends like he misheard her thank you.

Anjali mess’s with dish and Saroj tries warning her but she paid no heed. Saroj wonders whether she made a mistake by bringing Anjali home. However she immediately rubbishes off the thoughts. Bell rings and Kanha asks Sayuri to go while he waits for her. She tries refusing but Kanha doesn’t listen to her. Saroj sees Anjali cooked so many dishes and asks about it.

Anjali says that she made all of Kanha’s favourite dishes and says she told that he don’t like anything other than Desi but whenever they are out he used to have all these foods. She asks whether she can call her mother as aunty seems distant and Saroj agrees. Sayuri leaves to her class.

Saroj is thinking about Anjali’s words. Kusum says Saroj that she has messaged to Kanha to come home. She says that he would’ve gone college with Sayuri. Saroj asks Kusum whether she doesn’t feel something off about Anjali as if she’s obsessed with Kanha.

Kusum asks what’s wrong in it as they wanted the same and Saroj gets convinced with her words. Nakul sees so many food on table and is about to have it but Anjali stops him saying that they are for Kanha. Nakul taunts her and leaves with an apple. Sayuri comes back to her staff room to find Kanha and gets shocked but it turned out to be her dream.

Kanha comes home and gets surprised seeing so much food. Anjali says she made it for him and Kanha asks if she made it on account of Sayuri’s birthday. Saroj says she made it for him and Anjali asks Kanha to have it but Kanha asks why did she do all that. Anjali asks whether he won’t accept if Sayuri does all this. Kanha says Sayuri is his wife and Anjali asks him to marry her so that she can be his wife too.

Kanha asks her not to behave mad but Anjali holds his hand and acts mad. She wants to get married immediately to him and everyone warns her about Kanha’s anger. Anjali doesn’t listen and continued forcing Kanha and Kanha pushes her. He apologizes and says that he tried explaining but she’s not ready to listen and leaves. Saroj reprimands Annalong for her behaviour in front of everyone and Anjali asks what could she do as they didn’t do anything to get her married to Kanha.

Precap : Anjali will gets psychotic in Kanha’s love and will plan something to get together with him. Kanha will keep Sayuri’s hand on God’s feet and will ask her to promise and say that she doesn’t love him and will say that he won’t trouble her again if she say so. Sayuri looks shocked.

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