Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 1st July 2022 Written Update: Sayuri wants to bring back the old Kanha.


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The episode starts with Saroj asking what’s happening there. Kanha also wakes up and asks what happened. Nakul thinks whether Saroj heard everything but gets relieved that she didn’t. Saroj scolds him for troubling sleeping Kanha. Kanha asks her to let it go as its its youngsters job to trouble others and let him enjoy his right.

Saroj and Kanha and Nakul tease each other. Saroj asks Kanha to rest some more but Kanha says he has some important work to do and have to go now. He rushes out and Saroj also leaves. Nakul says that whatever may be his important job but his important job is already done. He thanks God as Kanha fell in love with Sayuri.

Sayuri is still checking Kanha’s videos and vlog dresses. Sayuri says that what he was before and what he has become. She says he changed a lot and it’s not fair at all. She speaks with his cutout that he left his dreams to fulfill her dreams. She adds that he fought with everyone for her but what did she do for him. She says that it’s time for her to do something for him. She places the camera around his neck in the cutout and clicks in air.

Indrani and Dadi gets the good news that Priya got selected for her hockey match and is going to Mumbai for training. They both gets happy and proud and bless her. Rashmi is worried and says that she needs money for going to selection. Indrani asks how much is it and Rashmi says that she needs 40,000. They gets shocked hearing it and Indrani asks Priya to go for selection the next time shocking Priya.

Sayuri thinks that she had a lots of work to do to fix it all but she would do it for Kanha. She says that today she has to go for college but Saroj doesn’t want it. However her family needs the money and worries what to do. Priya fights with her mother that she can’t afford to lose the chance again and cries that she would even get Police job through sports quota.

Indrani asks what could she do as she don’t have the money. Priya pleads her to get money from Sayuri as loan while she would definitely return everything all the money when she gets the job. Indrani gets shocked hearing it.

Sayuri is confused about what decision she should take as her family needs the money while Saroj doesn’t like it. Priya is still fighting with her mother and asks why can’t they get money from Sayuri as Kanha already gave her money. Indrani says that she didn’t get it but Kanha forcefully gave it to her but they can’t keep asking them for money.

Priya says they can’t get money from a married daughter but can her from married son. She adds they can get money from and not from son in law and asks why can’t they change. Indrani says its not her who made the rules. Priya doesn’t listen to her and says she would definitely asks Sayuri but Indrani shouts at her.

Dida asks Priya to go next time but Priya is frustrated with this continuous excuses. Rashmi pleads her to not trouble mother but Rashmi asks is it her mistake and runs in. Indrani looks at Balwant’s picture and says that he would be upset that she failed to fulfil her responsibilities of her children.

Dadi asks how could she say so as she fulfilled her responsibilities first class. Indrani says that Sayuri took the Family’s responsibilities on her shoulder while Rashmi doesn’t ask for anything as she knows they can’t afford it and feels bad.

Sayuri gets ready and compliments herself when Kanha comes there and says no. He says she’s not looking nice and they both mock each other. Kanha slips and falls on bed with Sayuri. They fall in an romantic eyelock. Sayuri makes him get up and asks what’s wrong with her makeup.

Nakul is watching the confession video and prays God for Sayuri and Kanha to be together forever. Sayuri asks what’s wrong with her makeup and Kanha makes her stand in front of mirror. He complaints about her big earrings and removes it himself.

Sayuri watches stunned while he changes her earrings. Kanha reasons that she’s a professor and not an model for jewellery brand for her to wear all this. He makes her wear id card and says that she should go to college. Sayuri says that Saroj won’t like it but Kanha says they would be complaining every day and every thing and they can’t stop living for it. He convinces her to fulfill her dreams.

Precap : Kanha in excitement will kiss Sayuri’s forehead. Saroj will be worried that Kanha didn’t return yet while Kanha and Sayuri will have some beautiful moments in college. Kusum will say Saroj that Kanha fell in love with Sayuri.

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