Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 20th July 2022 Written Update: Kanha makes preparations for Sayuri with Nakul.


Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 20th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Kanha making cake and Nakul appreciate him. Kanha asks Nakul whether Sayuri would like it and Nakul says he doesn’t know. Sayuri recalls Nakul’s words. She sees wet floor at her house. Sharmas prepare gifts for Sayuri. They joke with Sayuri but Sayuri was too lost to understand it.

Sayuri looks teary eyed and everyone gets confused. Kanha completes her cake. Sayuri hugs Indrani and cries and asks what happened. Sayuri asks if she came became Kanha and Anjali. She says that she might not know whether they confessed their love or not but she saw them having marriage talks of them at house. She continuously blames her self for coming between them.

Kanha shows his gift to Nakul. It is a rice with Krisa written on it and says about speciality of rice. Nakul is sure that Sayuri would definitely like all his gifts. Kanha asks if he’s sure and Nakul says yes. Kanha says to him about Sayuri thinking that she came between him and Anjali. Nakul says everything will be cleared once he propose her.

Sayuri keeps saying her mother that what if it’s really her who came between Anjali and Kanha. Her family asks who has put the thoughts in her mind and she says Saroj. I drank reasons that Saroj doesn’t like her which is why she said so but it’s not true. Sayuri says that Kanha might not said i love you to Meera but Meera does love Kanha and their marriage would’ve happened if she was not in picture.

Nani says all the ifs and buts keep happening but it’s not necessary for everything to happen. She says that Kanha never said he loved Anjali but if she Anjali chose to be a Meera with her one side then they can’t do anything about it. They asks her to not confuse herself. Kanha and Nakul are preparing for the proposal.

Sayuri recalls everyone’s words and thinks that she’s unnecessarily thinking about things and complicating the situation. She says to herself that Kanha himself told many times that there’s only friendship between him and Anjali and clears her confusion. Saroj fumed as Anjali didn’t come there and there’s only one hour left for Kanha to propose Sayuri.

She fears the worst but Kusum asks her not to lose hope till the last minute. Kanha completed the work and waited for the one hour to pass. Sayuri is getting ready and her family watches it happily. She sees a letter and finds a guide map in it. Everyone rejoice seeing it and Sayuri follows the map. She reaches the outside room and is really scared about what was about to happen.

Sayuri slowly moves towards the door. Saroj agrees with Kusum’s words that anything can happen in last minute and prays God for the same. Sayuri opens the door and finds it lightened with candles completely dark. Kanha calls her from behind and Sayuri gets surprised seeing him.

He switches on the light and Sayuri gets surprised seeing the decorations and setup. Sayuri asked what’s all this. Kanha says it’s all for her as today they are going to spend it for themselves. He gives her roses and dances with her. Sayuri also happily dances with him. He comes closer to kiss her.

Precap : Saroj will say to Kanha that Anjali tried to commit suicide. Kanha will rush to Anjali’s House and will see her unconscious on floor. Saroj will blame Sayuri for Anjali’s condition and Sayuri will be shocked.

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