Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 20th June 2022 Written Update: Saroj asks Sayuri to not go to party with Kanha.


Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 20th June 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Kanha saying Sayuri that they have very less time but work is more. He says that more people can work together in less time and starts helping Sayuri. Saroj is angrily pushes away things. Kusum asks what happened and says she knows she’s doing drama. Saroj says it’s true and asks her to say that everyone that she’s doing drama. She cries and says that she feels ashamed of herself for planning and plotting so much from the time she entered the house.

Sayuri asks Kanha to leave but he insists to help. Saroj asks Kusum from when did she become so bad from doing sick drama to calling Anjali and many things. She apologizes God for doing all these things. She says Kusum that they shouldn’t let the girl ruin their Kanha’s life and would do anything for the same.

Kanha is rolling the floor and Sayuri teaches him to do right. They both enjoy and cook together. Nakul is taking care of Saroj when Saroj asks Nakul to not let Kanha alone in the party and let him be with Anjali. He agrees. Saroj thinks she can’t do anything more and prays God to bring Anjali and Kanha closer and keep the unlock away from him. Anjali receives Saroj’s text and decides to use the opportunity for good. Rashmi brings a dress for party and Nakul makes her wear earrings and bangles.

All this turns out to be her dream. Kanha completes cooking the peda. Sayuri tries saying something when Kanha says if she’s about to talk about not going then he won’t agree. He says mother’s health is better and they are just going out for few hours and they can manage. He asks her to get ready. Kusum sees it all and says it to Saroj.

She informs Saroj about Sayuri completing all the work with Kanha and going out with him. She asks what would she do now. Saroj says that when you have the phone in your hands then everything is possible. She asks her to call Sayuri surprising Kusum. Sayuri comes and stands at door and calls Saroj.

Saroj says that she knew her limits and stopped where to give respect. She asks why is she not knowing her limits between Anjali and Kanha. She says that Anjali will take care of Kanha and asks her to go and say Kanha that she won’t he going for the party. She says he won’t listen to her. Sayuri recalls her conversation with Kanha. Kusum says Saroj that she saw her face and she deserves it. She praises Saroj for doing the right thing.

Kanha is getting ready while Sayuri recalls Saroj’s words. Sayuri throws away the dress angry at Saroj’s words. Kanha comes out getting ready and finds the whole place dark. He wonders what’s wrong and finds Sayuri dressed beautiful in a black saree.

He gets mesmerised and laal Ishqplays in background. Anjali also gets ready seeing her picture with Kanha on phone. She says that she hopes she gets what she wants. Kanha comes to Sayuri that she’s looking beautiful. Sayuri too compliments him back. They both leave together.

Precap : Nakul and Kanha will come to the party along with Rashmi and Sayuri respectively shocking Sayuri. Kanha and Sayuri will dance in the party when Anjali will plan to give spiked juice to Sayuri.

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