Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 20th September 2022 Written Update: Rashmi worried about Nakul.

Wo Toh Hai Albela

Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 20th September 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Kanha asking Sayuri to attend the meeting. Sayuri is not confident about it but Kanha convinces her. He asks her to take advice from Dhanraj and grandfather for ideas. Nakul assures that he would accompany Sayuri to the meeting being her assistant and everyone gets happy hearing it. Saroj suggests to do it online but Kanha says he won’t have time for it and it’s not possible. He expresses his trust on Sayuri that she would excel it and everyone agrees. Saroj looks on worried. Rashmi asks Nakul whether he’s going as business partner there but Nakul says no.

He says that he’s assisting Sayuri. Rashmi asks him to make his own identity but Nakul asks her to not to say so. He says that he understands that she’s innocent from heart but her words can portray a different meaning and asks her not to do it. He says that he’s Lakshman to his brother and sister in law and leaves. Saroj comes there and gives prasad to Rashmi. She says that Nakul considers Sayuri as Sita Maiya but is not sure the same about Sayuri.

Indrani and grandmother were excited about Sayuri’s meeting. They wishes for it to succeed and decides to do pooja the next day for her success. Rashmi hears it and drops the glass in her thoughts. They find her behaviour weird. Sayuri is making preparations for the meeting and also taking care of Kanha’s things. Kanha teases her and says she would miss him. Sayuri recalls the time when she left for Delhi and gets upset. They both argue over who would miss the other person the most. They gets romantic.

Next day morning Sayuri wakes up Kanha and Kanha clicks her pictures finding her beautiful. They both gets ready and comes down. Kanha takes Saroj’s blessing and she blesses him with whole heart. Next Sayuri takes her blessings and she simply wishes that their company cherishes. Rashmi notices as Nakul leaves like Sayuri’s assistant and even open the car door for her. Kanha and Sayuri get inside their respective cars and starts their journey.

Precap : Client will like Sayuri’s unique idea. Kanha will call Sayuri who’s confident that his looks and talent would have already bowled over people. Sayuri will get a grand welcome at home. Saroj will say Rashmi that she hopes her sister won’t make her son a full time servant.

The episode starts with Rashmi asking what did the guests say to Saroj. Saroj says there’s no possibility for them to go on with the alliance. Saroj says it’s an insult to her that he don’t trust her choice. She asks whether she would have decided everything on a go. She says that first they meet with parents followed by the groom.

She says that that they may never know what’s the thoughts of the groom were as may be he would wany his wife to be with him unlike his parents. She accuses them for becoming hero and heroine using situations. Sayuri says Kusum wanted to study and Saroj accused that it’s her who induced that thoughts in Kusum’s mind.

Kusum says that it’s her wish to study. Saroj asks why would she suddenly want to study and Kusum says she just wants to study as well as get married. She pleads Kusum to trust her and agree for the marriage. She emotionally blackmails Kusum. Indrani says grandmother that Saroj was pleading in front of the guests but they didn’t listen.

She’s worried about what’s happening there. Kusum agrees to whatever Saroj decides. Kanha asks Kusum to not take decision in haste. Kusum says she’s not as nothing is more important to her than mother’s wish and leaves. Dhanraj is frustrated with Saroj’s manipulation too and leaves. Sayuri is about to leave to when Saroj asks her not to turn her daughter against her like her son.

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