Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 21st July 2022 Written Update: Kanha rushes to save Anjali.


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The episode starts with Krishna getting romantic with Sayuri but it all turns out to be Sayuri’s dream. Krishna just then comes there and forwards a gift to Sayuri. He opens it to find a ring. He recites a poem and the clock strikes 12. Kanha is about to propose when Saroj shouts Kanha’s name.

Kanha drips the ring on floor and rushes to her. Sayuri picks the ring. On the other hand, Nakul along Sharmas wishes happy birthday to Sayuri. They all think that by now Kanha would’ve proposed her abd they would’ve been dancing together. Kanha asks Saroj what’s the matter.

Saroj says that Anjali tried to commit suicide shocking Kanha. Saroj urges him to go and find her soon as she can’t forgive herself if something happened to he Anjali. Kanha rushes out. Sayuri watches teary eyed. Sayuri looks at Kanha’s gifted diary where he confess his love. Sayuri looked at the diary gifted bu Kanha and found his love for her. She cried hugging it. Nakul jokes that he can’t wait for them to bring cake for him. Saroj sees Sayuri in pain. Kanha is on his way to meet Anjali. He gets frustrated when his car breaks down.

Saroj comes to Sayuri and blames her for Anjali’s condition. She says that it’s because of her Anjali is in this condition. She says that she warned her about it already but she never listened. She says that because of her another life is about to go away after Chiru. She adds Kanha’s life was also at risk and later it would be her.

Sayuri asks her not to say so but Saroj continued accusing her for snatching Anjali’s happiness. She says that they all will be cursed by Anjali. She says that she claimed herself to be a good friend of Kanha but all she saw was her trying to lure him in his pallu. She says she saw her getting dressed for party, dancing together with Kanha, hugging him etc and asks which friend will do all this.

Sayuri asks Saroj to stop it as Kanha has his own individuality who has his own likings and disliking. Saroj asks why did she let Kanha come closer to her. Indrani laughs at Nakul sleeping. Priya asks whether she should wake him but Nani says against it. Rashmi says even she’s sleepy and wonder whether the next day there would be happiness in Sayuri and Kanha’s life.

Indu says there will be for sure as the next day will bring so much happiness. Kanha comes to Anjali’s house and finds it locked. He struggles to open it. Sayuri says Saroj that Kanha told multiple times that he never loved Anjali and that it’s only Anjali who loved him. Saroj reasons that even they were not in love when they got married but after marriage they could’ve fell in love.

She again accuses her for coming between Anjali and Kanha. Kanha opens the door to find Anjali lying unconscious on floor with medicine box beside her. Saroj asks Sayuri to take anything from wealth to house and leave the house as she’s not a part of this place. She says she doesn’t know about the next birth but she would never accept her in this birth. Sayuri cries hard.

Precap : Saroj will ask Sayuri to sacrifice for Kanha and leave the place. Sayuri will throw the cake on floor and will leave with her luggage. She will say Kanha on phone that nothing is important than friendship and he did the right thing by choosing Anjali over her and cuts the call.

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