Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 21st September 2022 Written Update: Sayuri succeeds in the client meeting.

Wo Toh Hai Albela

Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 21st September 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Sayuri stressed over meeting and wants to check the details one. Nakul asks her not to check in moving car. Sayuri wonders why she’s feeling dizzy for the past few days. She decides to check doctor soon. Kanchan visits Saroj and lashes out at her for insulting Gayatri’s family. She says she’s her old associate which is why she showed her Gayatri’s alliance but they insulted them. Saroj says Kanha reacted when the groom’s family told few unpleasant things. She suggests to arrange a meeting for Kusum and the groom and then things would go well. Kanchan says that she’ll arrange one and says her that this time nothing should go wrong.

Kanha continues his journey. The clients invite Nakul as they praise their company. They thought he was there to lead the meeting. Nakul thanks them but says that they are mistaken as he’s not going to lead the meeting. They gets stunned seeing Sayuri when Sayuri says that she can understand their surprise.

She says that men are dominating in female dominated Industry but none finds it weird. However when women enter a male dominated Industry then things seem a bit weird. The clients says it’s not like that and welcomes her. Sayuri gives her presentation and clients really like it and calls it unique. Kanha thinks that the meeting would have been done by now when Sayuri calls Kanha.

Kanha congratulates her and Sayuri asks how did he knew without her saying it. Kanha he has idea about her efficiency. Sayuri says that at first everyone were so silent that both she and Nakul got scared but then they praised her unique idea. Kanha wonders how they would make it happen in such a short time. Sayuri says it will happen just the way it happened in Sayuri masala. Sayuri suggests her to take employees who were in real need of the job and make it complete later. Kanha likes it and also got inspiration for his vlog competition. He asks her to see and find from the vlog.

Sayuri and Nakul comes back home and everyone gives them a warm welcome. Nakul credits to the success to Sayuri while Rashmi gets upset. Nakul praises Dhanraj for choosing Sayuri for the business and Sayuri takes everyone’s blessing. They click pictures together and Sayuri’s solo picture. Saroj says Rashmi that all the efforts would be done by Nakul and credits will be taken by Sayuri. She says that years back she got Dhanraj his right and Nakul is same as him. Kanga it s preparing thank you speech but soon scolds himself for not preparing the video yet. Sayuri calls Kanha and motivates him.

Precap : Kanha will see Sayuri feeling dizzy through video call and agrees to be there soon. Nakul and Sayuri will be working when Rashmi will call him out. Nakul will say that they a etc preparing for order and will ask Rashmi to join too. Rashmi says that she don’t want to be her assistant.

The episode starts with Kanha asking Sayuri to attend the meeting. Sayuri is not confident about it but Kanha convinces her. He asks her to take advice from Dhanraj and grandfather for ideas. Nakul assures that he would accompany Sayuri to the meeting being her assistant and everyone gets happy hearing it. Saroj suggests to do it online but Kanha says he won’t have time for it and it’s not possible. He expresses his trust on Sayuri that she would excel it and everyone agrees. Saroj looks on worried. Rashmi asks Nakul whether he’s going as business partner there but Nakul says no.

He says that he’s assisting Sayuri. Rashmi asks him to make his own identity but Nakul asks her to not to say so. He says that he understands that she’s innocent from heart but her words can portray a different meaning and asks her not to do it. He says that he’s Lakshman to his brother and sister in law and leaves. Saroj comes there and gives prasad to Rashmi. She says that Nakul considers Sayuri as Sita Maiya but is not sure the same about Sayuri.

Indrani and grandmother were excited about Sayuri’s meeting. They wishes for it to succeed and decides to do pooja the next day for her success. Rashmi hears it and drops the glass in her thoughts. They find her behaviour weird. Sayuri is making preparations for the meeting and also taking care of Kanha’s things. Kanha teases her and says she would miss him. Sayuri recalls the time when she left for Delhi and gets upset. They both argue over who would miss the other person the most. They gets romantic.

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