Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 22nd September 2022 Written Update: Rashmi throws taunts at Sayuri.

Wo Toh Hai Albela

Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 22nd September 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Sayuri asking Nakul to make printout for client meeting while she would need to convince the employees and their families. Nakul says that he’s ready to do any thing for her. Saroj and Rashmi hears it hiding. Saroj provokes Rashmi that Sayuri is taking advantage of Nakul’s innocence to order him around.

Rashmi says that it’s her old habit to order around people. Rashmi says Nakul to go out for coffee date with her. Nakul says it’s not possible as they have lots of work and asks her to join too. Rashmi says that she don’t want to be anyone’s assistant. She says their coffee date is due.

Saroj agrees with Rashmi’s words and says Nakul that they need to spend time with each other before marriage. Sayuri says that they don’t have time right now as tomorrow deal would get finalised and they can happily go out after tomorrow. Rashmi taunts her for not letting them spend time together.

Nakul says that they have much work to complete and Sayuri also tries to make it her understand but in vain. Saroj will scold Sayuri for not letting them enjoy their pre marriage phase. Sayuri asks Nakul to go as she would take care. Nakul agrees reluctantly while Saroj gives money to Rashmi for her expenses. Rashmi asks Nakul to not come so upset and returns the money to Saroj apologizing her. She left angrily. Saroj scolds Sayuri for not letting them spend time together.

Kanha calls Sayuri and Sayuri congratulates him beforehand just like Kanha did with her. He gives her the happy news that he got selected for the final round. He finds her about to faint and Kanha gets worried.

Sayuri lies that she’s fine and asks him not to worry. Sayuri is arranging the work place for the woman and Dhanraj appreciates her efforts. Saroj comes there and asks what’s going on and Sayuri explains everything to her. Saroj says she can’t let those woven enter and ruin her house and scolds Sayuri. Dhanraj supports Sayuri and calls out Saroj’s behaviour. Saroj asks Sayuri to take them to her house but Sayuri told that untouchability is a sin and there’s no value for education if they practice it.

Saroj keeps saying that she won’t let the woman enter her house but Dhanraj makes it clear that it belongs equally to Sayuri. Indrani and Dadi brings colours for painting The woman comes there and Sayuri greets them thanking them. They appreciate Sayuri for always helping them and assures to give their best. Sayuri says they would be given stencils and equipment and they should paint carefully as only the sample tiles can impress clients. They agree for the same.

Precap : Sayuri will happily do the work with other women. She will dream of Kanha. Saroj will snatch dishes from Kusum’s hand and will say that they would not make anything for the woman from her kitchen. Sayuri will get shocked hearing it.

The episode starts with Sayuri stressed over meeting and wants to check the details one. Nakul asks her not to check in moving car. Sayuri wonders why she’s feeling dizzy for the past few days. She decides to check doctor soon. Kanchan visits Saroj and lashes out at her for insulting Gayatri’s family. She says she’s her old associate which is why she showed her Gayatri’s alliance but they insulted them. Saroj says Kanha reacted when the groom’s family told few unpleasant things. She suggests to arrange a meeting for Kusum and the groom and then things would go well. Kanchan says that she’ll arrange one and says her that this time nothing should go wrong.

Kanha continues his journey. The clients invite Nakul as they praise their company. They thought he was there to lead the meeting. Nakul thanks them but says that they are mistaken as he’s not going to lead the meeting. They gets stunned seeing Sayuri when Sayuri says that she can understand their surprise.

She says that men are dominating in female dominated Industry but none finds it weird. However when women enter a male dominated Industry then things seem a bit weird. The clients says it’s not like that and welcomes her. Sayuri gives her presentation and clients really like it and calls it unique. Kanha thinks that the meeting would have been done by now when Sayuri calls Kanha.

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