Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 23rd March 2022 Written Update: Kanha troubles Sayuri


Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 23rd March 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

At the beginning of the episode, Chiru asks Kanha what has happened to his mood. Kanha asks him to tell who is calling him. Chiru asks him to first give him an answer as to why he is so upset. Kanha asks if he wants to tell him anything. Chiru gets confused hearing this. Then Saroj comes there and their talk remains incomplete. Saroj asks Chiru why he didn’t say yes to the relationship.

She asks him if he doesn’t trust her choice. Chiru says that it is not so. He tells them that he is not ready to get married yet. He wants to think about it. Kanha asks Chiru why he doesn’t want to get married. Chiru says that first Kusum gets married, after that he will think something about marriage. Dhanraj says that if Chiru is not ready for marriage now, then they should not force him.

Here Sayuri is getting worried. Rashmi tries to pacify her. Sayuri says that if Kanha does something wrong this time, she will not leave him. Rashmi calls Nakul. He is shocked to see this. Kanha asks Chiru if he likes any other girl. He refuses. He says that he is very busy with work right now so he does not want to get married. Saying this he leaves from there.

Saroj says that now she will not bother Chiru any more and will not even talk about marriage. Here Chiru calls Sayuri and asks her what happened. Why is she looking so upset? Just then Sayuri hears the sound of glass breaking. Sayuri tells Chiru that Kanha is breaking the glass of the window of her house. Chiru gets upset hearing this. Sayuri tells him that Kanha has come to know about them.

Chiru then goes to Kanha. He asks him whether he will listen to him. He refuses but Chiru takes him with him. Here Saroj sees that Dhanraj is reading a book. She remembers that this book was given to him by Sayuri’s father. He says that he had promised his friend that he would not stop reading the book. Saroj says fine and thinks that Chiru is hiding something from them.

Here Rashmi tells Sayuri that Chiru will make everything right. Sayuri says that if Kanha does something wrong this time, she will not leave him. Indu and Dadi come there. He asks Sayuri who broke this glass. Sayuri tells them that this work belongs to Kanha. Dadi says that they should get new glasses installed so she should not worry. Kanha on the other hand tells Chiru why he hid such a big thing from him. He asks Chiru to break up with Sayuri. Chiru refuses for this.

Precap: Kanha tells the truth to his family members. Saroj gets angry with Sayuri.

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