Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 23rd November 2022 Written Update: Saroj and family gives their consent to Yash-Kusum relationship.


Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 23rd November 2022 Written Update On SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Sayuri getting a good idea for Kusum and Yash. She suggests to bring out their jealous feeling so that they both accept each other. Kanha praises her plan. Nakul comes to Kusum and Yash and starts boring them with their stories. Kanha understands the situation and takes him aside. He explains their plan to him and Rashmi fumes seeing them together. Saroj discusses about Rashmi and Nakul’s wedding to Dhanraj and Dadi. They both agree to it.

Kanha takes Yash aside while Sayuri takes Kusum. Kanha lies that Saroj found a groom for Kusum while Sayuri says the same about another girl and says she was in love with Yash for long. Yash and Kusum gets shocked and asks how could it happen. Yash says how can that happen as he likes Kusum. Kusum also says Sayuri that she likes Yash. They ask if they only like her but they say they love the other person. They ask them to confess their love and they agree.

Kanha signals Nakul and they both begin the dance and Kusum and others join them. They all were dancing when Yash comes to Kusum and kneels down in front of hee. He proposes that he loves her and forwards ring asking her to marry him. Kusum looks stunned and looks around. Saroj calls her and comes to her. She says that if she didn’t forward her hand then how can Yash make her wear a the ring.

Everyone gets stunned and surprised hearing it. Saroj says that she already made a mistake by choosing the wrong person. She says she wants to correct her mistake and saw how Kusum’s face brightens in Yash’s presence. She says that she wants her daughter to be happy and gives her nod to the relationship. Dhanraj and Dadu says that they always wished for someone like Yash to be their son in law and God heard their prayers. Dadi also gives her nod to the relationship and Sayuri’s family also blesses them.

The youngsters motivate them to confess their love to each other. Yash turns to Saroj to confess his love while Saroj teases him to say it to Kusum. Dhanraj jokes that he will say it to his wife and asks him to say it to his to be wife. Yash says I love you to Kusum and everyone says that it’s Kusum’s turns. Kusum says she also does while thru urge her to say clearly. Kusum says she’s in love with him too while Everyone claps for them. Yash makes her wear the ring while Rashi thinks that she has no problem with Kusum but is now sure that again everyone would forget about her and Nakul’s marriage. She is pissed off with Saroj for not getting her hint.

Precap : Kanha will suggest to conduct both Kusum – Yash and Rashmi – Nakul’s wedding on the same mandap. Kanha will say Sayuri that he wishes for everything to go well. Rashmi will ask her mother why would Kusum’s second marriage will take place along with theirs. Indu will raise her hand to slap Rashmi shocking Sayuri.

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