Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 24th September 2022 Written Update: Rashmi supports Saroj blindly.

Wo Toh Hai Albela

Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 24th September 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Saroj lying to the women that Sayuri don’t want to feed them despite her wanting to. She lied that Sayuri told that they are getting paid and said there’s no need to offer food too. She pretended like she’s scared of Sayuri who doesn’t respect her at all.

The ladies gets shocked hearing it. Sayuri completes cooking and goes to call the women only to find them all gone. St first she thought Dhanraj took them to feed food when one lady come back to take something. She says that all the ladies left and will not come back shocking Sayuri. She called Sayuri a bad behavior person who acted to convince their family. They say that none of their family wanted them to come there but they came just to help her but she insulted him. Sayuri asks them not to work if they don’t want to but asks them to at least have food and leave. The lady refuses and leaves.

Saroj looks at it all and prays to God. She said that she knew whatever she did was wrong. However Saroj doesn’t want Sayuri to take credit of their son’s hardwork. She is sure that once her son is back then he would set things right. Sayuri gets hyper not knowing what to do. She feels dizzy again. She wonders what to do and recalls all that happened. She understands its Saroj’s work. Sayuri comes to Saroj and says that she didn’t call the women for her own personal work.

She asks still why did she do this. She says that she thought that her hatred for her wouldn’t affect business but she proved her wrong. She lashes out how could she put their own business into danger. Saroj says that it’s not hers as she has no right on it. Sayuri says she does as a daughter in law as she was also a daughter in law in the house. Saroj says it’s all her husband and son’s hardwork and she has no right over it. Sayuri says truth doesn’t change with what she says.

Rashmi comes there and scolds Sayuri for her tone with Saroj. Sayuri says that she should also know to not interrupt in other’s talks. She says that she doesn’t know what happened and Rashmi says she don’t want to know too. Sayuri says there’s no use talking with her as she would not understand whatever she’s saying.

Rashmi asks her to remember that younger ones will talk to her with the same tone as she does. She told that she can’t treat everyone as she wish like Nakul. Sayuri asks does Nakul have no relationship with her just because he is engaged to get. Rashmi counter argues but Sayuri challenges Saroj that no matter what happens she’ll make sure to succeed in the order as its a matter of respect and pride for her husband and father in law.

Kanha comes there at the same and leaves inside with Sayuri. Ganpathi Visrajan takes place and Sayuri’s mother and grandmother despises Saroj’s act against her own business. Rashmi hears it. Kanha prays God to get rid of the hatred, vengeance and ego from one’s heart and Saroj can understand that he’s referring to her. Everyone leaves back after pooja while Saroj breaks down in Rashmi’s arms that Kanha is going far away from her due to Sayuri.

Precap : Sayuri, Kanha and Nakul will work overnight to complete the order. Next morning, Sayuri will find all the tiles broken and will get shocked. Saroj will mock Sayuri again and Sayuri will faint.

The episode starts with Sayuri and Kusum working in kitchen. Sayuri is scared about whether she could be able to do it. Kusum says that she can understand her fear. She says that as a woman they have the regular pressure but are has the extra pressure to prove herself to Saroj too. She encourages her that everything would be fine. She asks her to go and take care of the women while she would make the tea. Saroj hears it all.

Nakul asks Dhanraj why the ladies are wearing ghunghat. Dhanraj says that it’s their tradition. He says that though the times have changed a lot some people still follow the old tradition. Dhanraj asks Nakul to call Kanha and he video calls him. He praises his vlog and Kanha scolds him for upsetting Rashmi.

Nakul says about Rashmi’s weird behavior. Kanga says girls have their own insecurities when they come from their own house to another house. He says the time between engagement and marriage is quite stressful for them and he needs to understand it.

Kanha asks him to take Rashmi out as he’s quite free now. Nakul says he’s worried that he would be needed there but Kanha asks him to make Rashmi understand. Kanha assures to come back soon. Sayuri gets shocked when servants brings tea in paper cups. She gets embarrassed giving it to the women when Kanha video calls her. He speaks casually with the women which lightens the environment. Sayuri thanks Kanha got the same and Kanha asks if something is wrong. Sayuri hides it from him.

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