Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 25th August 2022 Written Update: Rashmi and Nakul’s romantic time.

Wo Toh Hai Albela

Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 25th August 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Sayuri saying Saroj that she knew she hate her but will still try to win her heart. However she says that she will no more leave the house at any cost. Kanha wonders what happened to Sayuri and is confused. Nakul comes there happily and Kanha asked him to say what happened. Nakul says that Rashmi confessed and Kanha is happy for him.

Nakul says how Rashmi confessed and Kanha recalls Chirag. They both rejoice the happiness. Kanha says that today all the good things happened and need to thank God. They both discuss about love. Kanha wishes that Nakul doesn’t face the same problems he faced in his life. They both are very happy. Kanha urges him to go and meet Rashmi and gives him money to buy flowers. Nakul thanks him and leaves happily. Kanha wishes evil eyes off in both their love.

Saroj speaks with God regarding Kanha upset with her. She says that she’s ashamed to face him and asks him to show a way. Kanha comes there and asks what she’s asking God. She says she’s asking strength to God to face him. Kanha asks her not to say so as he just told his heart feelings.

He recalls his childhood when he too troubled her a lot. He says Saroj that he won’t force her to accept Sayuri but just wishes that she won’t separate him from her. They both reconcile and Kusum and Sayuri sees it. They both are happy and Sayuri is relieved that the distance that happened because of her is no more. Kusum says its the same in case of her and suggests to cook Kanha’s favourite food. They both leave happily.

Rashmi is recalling her confession to Nakul. Indrani and Dadi goes to temple. Nakul comes to Rashmi and she gets surprised seeing him. He gives her flower. Nakul asks her to say something. He teases her. She asks if Saroj told something yesterday. Nakul pretends upset and Rashmi gets worried. Nakul says that she was happy and Rashmi gets extremely happy hearing it. She hugs him immediately and Rashmi hugs him back.

Dhanraj, Kanha and Dadu sit down breakfast. Dadu teases the glow on Kanha and Nakul’s face. Kusum brings food to table and says that Sayuri made them. Kanha gets happy seeing his favourite dish. Sayuri comes there with hot breads. Kanha admires his wife.

Sayuri serves food to everyone. She serves food to Kanha too when he signals her to feed him holding her hand. Sayuri runs away being shy. Kanha comes there and blocks her way. They gets romantic and Kanha confesses his love to Sayuri. Sayuri says i love… And ends it with gulab jamun. Kanha is now sure that she’s teasing him.

Precap : Sayuri will surprise Kanha with decorations and will confess her love to him as she planned. They both will hug each other in happiness.

The episode starts with Kanha asking Anjali to go. He says that he’s not even getting angry seeing her but feeling bad for her. He asks her to leave for the friendship they had. Anjali takes her leave. Kusum asks Saroj to sit. Nakul says that finally all the issues are over now and there will be only happiness now. Kanha says that not every thing is over as there are still more people who needs to be questioned. Nakul sees Saroj and Sayuri and asks if he has something to ask them. Kanha says yes and goes to them. He says Saroj that her hatred didn’t care for his love and turned towards Sayuri. He says that she didn’t care about his love due to her sacrifice.

She confronts Saroj for not prioritising his happiness and turned to Sayuri for not caring about his feelings and love. He even confessed his love and was at the back of her but she didn’t mind it. He says he never had ego to go after her but still she didn’t care about his feelings. He says that she didn’t prioritise or care for his feelings like she did with Anjali and Saroj. He asks what type of love is this which doesn’t value the other person’s feelings. Dadi and Indrani agrees with him and says that it’s better to vent out what’s in the mind than keeping it bottled up in heart. Indrani says that Saroj is elder to her and so she can’t say anything to her but says that she can say to Sayuri. She says Sayuri that she didn’t do right with Kanha and asks her to repent. Dhanraj asks Indrani to make sure to say to Saroj on face too. Kusum and Nakul too agrees. Kanha leaves upset.

Saroj leaves while Indrani says that Saroj just returned from hospital and can understand her. She asks Sayuri to make the move first. Kusum agrees with her and says that she wants to see her Brother and sister in law happy so that she won’t face the curse. Rashmi says that there’s no way such thing would happen as Sayuri really likes her a lot. Sayuri rushes to meet Kanha. She recalls her behaviour and looks at

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