Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 26th July 2022 Written Update: Sayuri announces that she doesn’t love Kanha.


Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 26th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Kanha comes to Anjali who just wakes up. She cries ahd asks why he saved her ahd said he should’ve let her die. Kanha scolds her ahd reprimands her got her stupid act. Anjali continues ranting when Kanha scolds her and warns her to not repeat it. He offers to take her home with him and Anjali gets happy.

Sayuri starts leaving the house. She dreams of Kanha trying to stop her but Sayuri says that she needs to go for her) everyone’s happiness. Kanha disappears. Sayuri starts leaving and recalls her memories with the house. She comes to Saroj and says that she’s leaving but not because she’s weak but because she wants psbr) peace in the house. She requests her to take care of everyone in her absence as she’s going far away. She starts leaving. Kusum also looks on with Saroj.

Sayuri is about to leave when Kanha comes there with Anjali. Kanha gets confused seeing Sayuri with bags and Saroj prays Kanha doesn’t stop Sayuri. Kanha asks Sayuri where she’s going so late at night. Sayuri says she’s going to her mother’s home. Kanha asks whether he should accompany her. Sayuri says that she needs to go and they both fight. Kanha is adamant that she can go the next day as he thinks she’s going to celebrate her birthday.

Dhanraj and Dadaji comes there. They gets shocked seeing Anjali there where Sayuri with bags. They asks what’s happening there. Anjali asks Sayuri whether she’s leaving because of her and if so she herself will leave home. Kanha asks why would Sayuri do that as its her who asked himuto bring her home. He asks Sayuri Where’s she going and Sayuri keeps saying that she’s going home. Kanha couldn’t understand her ahd asks the reason for it but Sayuri says that it’s because she read all that he has scribbled in his notebook.

She says the all men are same who always takes advantage of girl’s closeness with them. She says he promised her that they would be just friends even after marriage but his words says otherwise. Saroj thinks Sayuri found right reason for rejecting Kanha. Nani finds Indrani not asleep and making photo frame of Sayuri and Kanha and praises it.

Kanha confesses in front of everyone he loves her and asks what’s wrong in it. Sayuri says she don’t love him shocking everyone. She starts leaving again but Kanha asks if she’s playing with him but Sayuri says she’s not. She says that she can’t stay with him who has feelings for her. Kanha asks what’s wrong in it but Sayuri continued refusing her feelings and wants to go away. Kanha stops her and doesn’t let her go away but Sayuri says that he promised his brother to get her married but he himself married due to circumstances. Kanha says a child doesn’t stop walking just because he fell once. He tried a lot to convince Sayuri but in vain.

Sayuri says its the end of their story and asks him to live their own lives. Indrani and Nani where thinking to keep pooja for Sayuri and Kanha. They dream about it. Sayuri says Kanha that she’s going and apologizes Dadaji, Dhanraj and Nakul. She says she’s going as she broke her ties with the one who is the reason for her existence in the house. Nakul pleads her to not leave but Sayuri asks him to leave the bag. Kanha asks her to look into his eyes and say that she doesn’t love him.

Precap : Sayuri will break all ties with house before leaving it. Both Sayuri and Kanha will be in pain where Sayuri will apologize Kanha for breaking his heart. Kanha will say that he thought it would be the best day of his life but every thing ended on the same day.

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