Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 28th July 2022 Written Update: Kanha warns Anjali to not use Sayuri’s belongings.


Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 28th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Rashmi and Priya coming to console Sayuri. Kanha sends sleepless night recalling whatever happened. Sayuri says that she needs to go away from him. Saroj asks Anjali to rest for the night and the next day she can go to Kanha. Anjali recalls Kanha’s harsh words. Indrani is sure that Saroj is the reason why Sayuri came home so late at night. She’s sure that she said some and is angrily about to confront her. Nani asks her to go go the next morning but Indrani couldn’t console herself seeing Sayuri’s condition. Nani controls her.

Saroj feels bad for Kanha who was crying the whole night. Kanha is still recalling Sayuri’s words. Anjali wakes up happily the next day. She decides to make use of the opportunity. Saroj encourages Anjali to take care of Kanha who was really upset and crying over last night incident and asks her to change his mood. Kanha wakes up the next morning, he recalls Sayuri’s words.

Nakul comes there and Kanha says that he was thinking the whole night about Sayuri’s behaviour as she very well know that he loves her but wondered why she reaches that way. He then realised that something happened that forced Sayuri to take the decision. He decides to find it out and solve it for Sayuri.

Sayuri wakes up the next morning but found Rashmi and tried sleeping again. Rashmi confronts her about what happened as she’s sure she did some thing which she shouldn’t have done and so behaving this way. Sayuri says that she feels that she came between someone’s love and recalls her promise to Anjali to return Na back Kanha to her. However she failed by falling herself for Kanha. Rashmi tries making her understand that she was wrong. Kanha is praying to God to bring Sayuri back home. He swears to find the reason and get her back. He sees someone in Sayuri’s room and happily goes there thinking it to be Sayuri.

Kanha sees Anjali dresses there in Sayuri’s saree and gets disappointed. Sayuri feels distant in her own room. Kanha asks Anjali to stay in guest room but Anjali says its Saroj who asked her to stay there as the guest room was locked for long and was feeling smelly. Kanha asked Anjali to get her things as when Sayuri returns she would not like to see her using her things. Anjali gets upset. Sayuri wonders how she’s going to spend her live without Kanha.

Precap : Everyone will believe that Sayuri will come back soon in the evening upsetting Saroj and Anjali. Kanha will cut cake with Sayuri and will say that he will not back off so easily. Saroj and Anjali will be scared with Kanha’s stubbornness.

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