Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 29th June 2022 Written Update: Saroj saves Anjali.


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The episode starts with Anjali pretending to care for them. She blames Sayuri for getting drunk and driving at night. Rashmi says that nothing like that happened. Nakul also agrees with her and Anjali asks if she’s lying. Rashmi asks if she has any proof and Anjali says no. Rashmi asks her to not blame if she doesn’t have any proof.

Nakul wants to go and check When Kanha comes there with Sayuri. He asks where they were going and everyone got relieved seeing them. Kanha finds Saroj emotional and says he’s fine. Saroj blames Sayuri for drinking and also getting Kanha drunk. She says she doesn’t care whatever she does but asks her to not trouble Kanha. Kusum also blames Sayuri. Sayuri asks who told them that she was drunk and everyone says Anjali.

Anjali says she tried stopping them to stay there but Sayuri didn’t listen to her and went with Kanha. Saroj asks Sayuri to answer Anjali. Sayuri says she got orange drink in party but she doesn’t like it so she exchanged hers with Kanha’s soft drink. She also adds that it was Anjali who gave her the orange juice. Nakul, Kanha and Rashmi supported Sayuri and asked Anjali to answer. Anjali struggles and asks Saroj for help. Saroj asks them to leave unnecessary chatting and asks them to get in.

Anjali sighs in relief. Saroj wards off evil eyes from Kanha. Kanha calls Sayuri and takes evil eyes off her too. Sayuri stops Kanha and says that they both needs to be warded off from evil eyes looking at Anjali. She does the same and looks at Anjali. She thinks that she didn’t do right by what she did with them last night. She thinks that she never thought Anjali would fall so low as anything could’ve happened to them. Sayuri gets pissed off with Anjali.

Kusum says Saroj that Sayuri managed to expose Anjali and asks whether she believes Sayuri is saying the truth. Saroj nods yes but is also happy that Anjali is not giving up on her love and is fighting for Kanha. She is only upset that people haven’t started suspecting Anjali’s intentions.

Kusum says she’s worried as only one day Sayuri went alone with Kanha and her unluck landed them in accident. She wonders if something would happen to Kanha too. Saroj panics and asks her to stop saying so. She says that she would never give the opportunity for it and would make sure that she stays away from Kanha.

Rashmi says to her family that now she understands the real reason for trying to get close with Kanha in the party. She narrated whatever happened. Indrani says that Anjali loved Kanha and may still love him which is why she’s doing so.

Priya gets angry and says that how’s it right as Kanha is married now. Indrani says that in love people only think from heart and not brain. She says that it’s Saroj who should correct her but she won’t as she wants Kanha to get separated from Sayuri and would be only happy if he gets close to Anjali. Indrani says that they need to alert Sayuri but Dadi says that they must alert Anjali as her madness could turn bad for her too.

Kanha tries removing the bandage and Sayuri scolds him. Kanha asks Why’s she scolding as he’s already tired. Sayuri taunts him and starts removes the bandage. She cleans the wound and applies medicine on it and ties the bandage. Kanha admires Sayuri. Kanha asks her to go to sleep and Sayuri says yes. Kanha says that the night was so exciting which was really unexpected.

Sayuri says it was so filmy but really enjoyable. They both chat about it and Kanha mocks her and asks her to change her dress. Sayuri says its the same for him and asks him to go and get changed. Kanha before leaving says that it would be awkward but the night wouldn’t be so exciting if she wasn’t with them and leaves. Sayuri says that it’s the same.

Anjali is fuming recalling whatever happened. She asks what would she do and wonders how to express her love for Kanha. She thinks that she doesn’t mind what Sayuri thinks about her but is worried for what Kanha thinks about her. She says that he was already upset with her and what if he starts doubting her. Anjali and Sayuri smile recalling their moments with the other person.

Precap : Kanha wipo come to Anjali and says that Sayuri is his wife and will warn her to not trouble her. Sayuri says that Kanha looked like a hero that she herself wished to hoot for him. Anjali will swear herself to become Mrs Anjali Kanha Choudhary at any cost.

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