Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 30th July 2022 Written Update: Nakul warns Anjali.


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The episode starts with Sayuri seeing some mannequins and recalls her moment with Kanha. Kanha appears from behind the mannequin. He comes there in a bike and offers to drop her in that to college. Sayuri runs away without responding.

Nakul comes to Anjali and mocks her for expecting Kanha. He offers to take her to doctor but Anjali says its not urgent and she can go later. Nakul recalls the party night and gets doubtful on Anjali. He feels that she’s planning against Sayuri after the party incident day.

Anjali asks him to leave and Nakul taunts her. He calls her smart to plan in a way that she take enough amount of sleeping pills that could make her faint and not risk her life. Anjali asks if he’s finding it all a plan and Nakul says absolutely. He asks which dying person will call others to inform about their condition and text them so that they come rushing there. Anjali gets shocked.

Sayuri learns that there’s auto strike and gets irritated. Few bikers harasses Sayuri and Sayuri threatens them with her husband’s name and warns them to not leave else he would beat them to pulp for their behavior. They leaves and Sayuri says that they ran away and calls them cowards. Kanha comes there and claps hands for her words. He teases her and asks if she needs his help. Sayuri doesn’t answer.

Saroj is correcting Kusum’s eyebrows who says that she’s correcting her eyebrows here but there are many bigger things which needs to be corrected in the house. She says that Anjali came to the house for her love for Kanha and Kanha went behind Sayuri for his love. She says that if Sayuri starts following her love then neither she nor Anjali could do anything. She asks her to make Anjali’s place permanent in the house.

Anjali thinks that she understands what Nakul is thinking but decides to not back off. Anjali says that he can’t understand the language of love. Nakul mocks her and Anjali says that in the last minute she got reminded of the one who she loves and so called Kanha. Nakul says that they call it obsession and not love. Sayuri threatens Kanha to make him land in trouble and tries scaring him but he continues mocking her.

Nakul says Anjali that her intention will never come true abd Anjali warns him to not come between her and Kanha as she loves him a lot. Nakul also asks her to not come between his brother and sister in law and threatens to stand as a hindrance in her path and leaves warning her. Anjali fumes as Nakul went against her whom she treated like her brother but decided to fight back.

Sayuri thinks that Kanha would get angry and run away with her words but Kanha laughs and asks her to proceed. Rashmi and her mother discuss about Sayuri and Kanha. Priya gives the news about Anjali staying at Kanha’s place and Kanha himself brought her for improving her health. Indrani panics and wonders whether Saroj sent Sayuri out of the house for Anjali.

Nani says that Sayuri came herself from the house and asks her not to over think. She reminds her own words to choose hope instead of tension and assures her that everything would be fine. She says that God would make Saroj understand that not Anjali but Sayuri is the right choice and asks her not to worry.

Sayuri comes to Saroj who asks about her health. Anjali says she’s fine and asks if she got her father’s call and Saroj says no. Anjali asks her to hide about her suicide attempt from her father as if he gets to know it then he could get even Kanha arrested for his love for her. Sayuri asks Kanha to leave but Kanha calls all the passer by to ask justification. Anjali also indirectly threatens that her father could ruin their business. The ladies advise Sayuri to accept Kanha who loves her so much.

Precap : Sayuri will go in bike with Kanha. Anjali will make Kanha’s favourite dishes for him and Kanha will ask her to not do all this for him as he don’t like it. Anjali will taunt him that he would like it if Sayuri does it.

Star Bharat’s popular show Wo Toh Hai Albela starring Shaheer Sheikh and Hiba Nawab currently focuses onStar Bharat’s newly launched popular show Wo Toh Hai Albela starring Shaheer Sheikh and Hiba Nawab currently focuses on Sayuri breaking Kanha’s heart. Earlier its seen that Saroj and Anjali witnessed Kanha’s love for Sayuri. Now it will be seen that Anjali will threaten Saroj indirectly.

Previously we have seen that, Kanha was about to set Anjali’s room in guest room when Anjali tried talking to him about Sayuri. Kanha asked her to stay away from his relationship with Sayuri. At dining hall, Anjali sits with Kanha and tried serving him but he refused.
He announced that he would definitely bring back Sayuri home by evening. Everyone got happy hearing it except Anjali, Saroj and Kusum. At Sayuri’s House, she refused all her birthday celebrations and got ready to go to college.

Her family got worried about her and entrusted on Kanha. Anjali asked Kanha to take her to doctor to stop him from meeting Sayuri but Nakul offered to take her. Kanha met with Sayuri and cut birthday cake with her.

He confessed his love to her and refused to back off from their relationship. Anjali witnessed it but still don’t want to believe it. She swore to become Kanha’s wife at any cost. Kanha kept making Sayuri to recall their moments together.

In the future episodes we will witness, Kanha will say Sayuri that he would not back off. Anjali will say Saroj that if her father gets to know that she tried to commit suicide then he will definitely file a case against Kanha shocking Saroj.

Is this the end of Sayuri and Kanha’s relationship? Will Saroj gets Kanha and Anjali married?
All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.
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