Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 30th June 2022 Written Update: Kanha confesses his love for Sayuri while he’s asleep.


Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 30th June 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Kanha getting dressed and also recalls whatever happened last night. Kanha thinks that he needs to ask her about it. Rashmi and others tease Sayuri who feels shy. She says that Kanha has gone out. Kanha is driving somewhere. Sayuri narrates whatever happened and everyone excitedly hears it. Kanha comes to Anjali and finds the place a mess. Anjali is relieved that he is back as she was scared.

Kanha says that it was him who was scared. He confronts her about what happened last night and says that he very well knew why she’s doing it all. He says that he can understand her which is why he’s there to explain her. He says that she’s his good friend while Sayuri is his wife. He adds that he won’t tolerate any insult to his wife and asked her to accept the truth that he’s married. He says that it would be good for her if she realizes it or he may end up breaking their friendship and leaves.

Anjali gets frustrated and says that both his marriage and Sayuri can go to hell. She says that no one can change her thoughts that she would become his wife and will not consider his so called marriage. She asks Sayuri to try for Kanha in the next birth as this time Kanha is only hers and she would definitely become his wife.

Rashmi says everyone that she had recorded whatever Sayuri narrated and Indrani asks why. Dadi calls her stupid for not realizing it and says they need to send it to Kanha for him to see what Sayuri thinks about him. Kanha gets into the car and sees the message.

He plays it to find Sayuri speaking to others about him and gets elated. Sayuri is looking at herself in mirror. Kanha is driving happily. They both recall the other person. Anjali says that no matter what she will definitely become Mrs. Anjali Kanha Choudhary.

Sayuri comes home and finds a cut out of Kanha. She wonders about it when Kanha comedy there and Sayuri asks what’s it. Kanha says that she liked him as hero and asks her to keep the hero. Sayuri wonders why he’s saying hero. She then understands that Rashmi would’ve sent the video and gets angry. However she also admires the cutout. She feels shy. They both smile and leaves.

Saroj sees Kanha humming a song and admires it. Kusum asks what’s she seeing. Saroj says Kanha is humming a song. Kusum says that she told that when a person is happy they would smile and if they are extremely happy they would him. Saroj understands that Sayuri and Kanha are getting closer and blames Anjali’s stupidity for it. They thinks they need to do something..

Anjali is acting obsessed and writes her and Kanha’s on wedding card and admires it. Sayuri is checking the cupboard when a box falls down. Sayuri wonders whether she broke something and is worried. Kanha is confessing his love to Sayuri in his sleep. Nakul hears it and video records it. Sayuri checks the box to find Kanha’s broken camera.

She gets sad seeing it and says that he sacrificed so much for her family and feels guilty. Nakul asks various questions to Kanha while Saroj is coming to Kanha’s room. After lots of provoking Kanha finally agrees that he loves Sayuri. Saroj who just entered hears it too.

Precap : Kanha in excitement will kiss Sayuri’s forehead. Saroj will be worried that Kanha didn’t return yet while Kanha and Sayuri will have some beautiful moments in college. Kusum will say Saroj that Kanha fell in love with Sayuri.

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