Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 5th July 2022 Written Update: Sayuri gets jealous seeing Kanha close with girls.


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The episode starts with Kanha dropping Sayuri in college. Sayuri is nervous a little but Kanha gives her courage that it’s normal. Sayuri is still tensed but Kanha says that she’s not a student but a teacher and it’s not a new job for her. Sayuri says that it’s the problem and wonders what would be students reaction. Kanha shouts and encourages Ghar she can set the college on fire and she’ll rock it. Sayuri gets some confidence.

Dida asks Indrani how could she go to work at this age and Indrani says she needs to for her kids. Dida reasons that Sayuri has started going to her work and asks why would she still need to go. Indrani says that’s what she asks that if Sayuri can resumed her work why can’t she.

She says that Priya has always worn the clothes used by her elders sisters and still never complained. She says she wants to do something for her. They find Priya throwing away her hockey kit and asks what happened and Priya says her dream done and nothing can revive her dream now. She says she don’t want to pursue it anymore and leaves angrily.

Sayuri is about to leave when Kanha stops her and asks her to call him if she needs something. He says that he would be only nearby and asks her to not worry. Kanha sits on car when few girls gets excited seeing him and flirts with him. Sayuri sees it and fumes. She then thinks that why would she get angry and tries to act cool. However her anger returns when the girls asks for a selfish with Kanha. She angrily comes to them and scolds them for not going to school and chatting away. They say that Kanha is here which is why they were talking with him.

Sayuri asks what if Kanha is there and asks if they wouldn’t study if he’s here. She asks what type of behavior is this in college that too with a married man. They gets heartbroken knowing that Kanha is married and asks who’s the lucky girl. He points at Sayuri and they leave scared. Kanha teases Sayuri for being jealous.

Rashmi is crying and fitting the hockey stick when Nakul comes there. He’s about to pull her hair click but finds her crying and asks about it. She recalls her mother’s warning and tries avoiding him when Nakul pestered her to say what’s the matter.

Rashmi shouts at him in anger but soon regrets and says about Priya breaking her own hockey stick as they couldn’t arrange money for her training. She is upset over their middle class life. Nakul says that it’s not a big issue and is about to call Kanha for money but Priya stops him as Kanha already did so much for them. She says they would handle it and leaves.

Sayuri sees Kanha still sitting there and gets overwhelmed. She signals him to go to home but he says he’s fine. She’s worried about him and asks him to go but Kanha signals that he would be fine. Sayuri leaves as Principal calls her. Saroj looks at time and is fuming that Kanha still didn’t return.

Kusum comes there and asks whether she couldn’t see the truth that Kanha is taking stand for Sayuri and getting close with her. She says it’s Anjali who’s just dreaming that she would be with Kanha but Kanha has already started falling for Sayuri and they both starts getting close to each other shocking Saroj.

Kanha is about to leave thinking she’ll be fine when Sayuri comes there. He’s about to get towards her when few boys stand on their way and flirts with Sayuri. Kanha fumes seeing it. Kusum says Saroj that she can clearly see Kanha falling for Sayuri. Saroj gets hyper and says only Anjali us the right pair for Kanha and she can’t dream of Sayuri becoming his wife.

Precap : Sayuri will encourage Kanha to resume his albaelapan. Kanha will again fo live. Saroj will advise Anjali that they must learn things from their enemy. She will ask her to learn about how to get back with Kanha from Sayuri.

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