Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 6th June 2022 Written Update: Chaudharys plan for a pooja.


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The episode starts with Kanha asking Anjali if she’s feeling better and she says yes. She asks if he has any important work and Kanha says that he has to buy medicine for Sayuri. Anjali taunts him and forces him to bel with her as she has something to speak with him. Kanha agrees having no option. Kusum says Saroj that Anjali texted that Kanha is with her and Saroj is happy listening to it. She says that though she has issues Kanha she can’t let him waste his time with the unlucky person. She says that Anjali is the right person him.

Sayuri wants to go down but is not strong enough to face Saroj. She decides to wait for Nakul and Kanha. Anjali brings came for Kanha to celebrate their first meeting but Kanha scolds asking her to behave. He says that he never liked to celebrate all these things and that he can’t do it anything now. Anjali confronts him.

Sayuri wants to have something and waits impatiently for Kanha. Anjali tries getting close to Kanha. Kanha keeps her away from him and warns her asking her what is she’s doing. He tries leaving but Anjali stops him and asks what has happened to him that he changed a lot. Kanha says that he’s a married man and Anjali asks what marriage as it’s a marriage which has happened due to weakness of the moment. She confronts him whether he’s going to give up on their love for the marriage which happened due to forced situations.

Kanha says that he never loved her as much as she loves him and tries leaving asking her to forget whatever happened. Anjali asks if he started loving Sayuri and Kanha stands without answering. Anjali says that he’s not denying as he immediately as he denied their love and accuses him. She refuses to still not give up and Kanha leaves. Anjali’s words kept ringing in his ears.

Sayuri is having tea at a stall and feels refreshed. Kanha comes there and is about to ask her about why she’s having tea outside but recalls what happened to her kitchen and keeps quite. He apologizes for not keeping his promise but Sayuri laughs at the cake mark on his face. Kanha panics and wipes it off but Sayuri keeps laughing.

He plays with her but soon understands that they are outside and handles themselves. He too orders tea. Saroj gives money to a lady who’s child is unwell to take the child to the hospital. She sees Sayuri and Kanha together having tea and fumes.

She goes angrily to her house when Dhanraj gives the good news of a very happy big order for the company. Kusum and Saroj gets happy and thanks God. Saroj wants to perform pooja at shop as its been long since they did one. Dhanraj agrees but says that this time Sayuri and Kanha will sit as husband and wife in pooja. Kusum and Saroj are against it but Dhanraj says that it’s his final decision.

Few guys tease Sayuri when Kanha comes there. He takes her home saying that father has arranged for a pooja and wants them to sit in the pooja. He confirms whether she doesn’t have any problem with it and Sayuri says no. He asks her to go and she leaves. After she left, he goes to the guys and warns them to not trouble Sayuri anymore.

Nakul and Rashmi comes in bike and Sayuri sees them very close. She sees Saroj and gets scared of them getting caught. She alerts them by honking the car and they gets alerted. Saroj gets irritated and Nakul asks what happened. Sayuri says that she hit the horn by mistake and Nakul leaves. Sayuri warns Rashmi to be careful as her sister as her closeness with Nakul could be mistaken. Rashmi agrees.

Precap : Kanha will buy a saree for Sayuri and Sayuri will wear it for pooja. Her saree will get stuck in between boxes and she will try to take it away. Kanha will see the boxes about to fall on Sayuri and will push her away but the boxes will fall on him. Everyone will get shocked.

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