Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 7th June 2022 Written Update: Kanha and Sayuri sit in pooja


Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 7th June 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Nakul advising Kanha to buy a saree for Sayuri for pooja. Kanha doesn’t agree and says he can’t do anything like that. Nakul tries convincing but Kanha leaves not accepting. His father and grandfather comes there and Nakul asks why were they forcing him to buy a saree and they say that they need to do this for them to come closer. Sayuri sees a mannequin with saree and Kanha comes there. She asks about the saree and Kanha says that it’s for her. Sayuri teases him and Kanha asks her to return if she doesn’t like it. Sayuri says she likes it and Kanha leaves happily. Sayuri looks smiling at the saree.

Kanha is about to slip and fall down but Saroj shouts at him to be careful. Kanha holds himself and says that he’s fine. Dhanraj comes to Saroj and asks the reason for her hiding her love for Kanha. He asks why would she hate Kanha and Sayuri and asks what did Kanha snatch from her. Saroj says he snatched Chiru from her and leaves angrily. She goes to kitchen ti find the kitchen table separated as two with two stoves.

Dhanraj satay that Sayuri has to go to a tea shoo for a tea as she don’t let her enter inside the kitchen. He says that if once again she she steps out to have food then everyone of us will do the sane. He leaves warning her. Saroj angrily breaks Sayuri’s set up and says that the more they love her the more she would continue hating her.

Rashmi and her sister gets ready to go for pooja but Indrani stops them. They asks why as they were invited but Indrani says that they wouldn’t go as it would ruin the peace of the pooja. Pandit calls Kanha wife for pooja. Kanha trues making excuse as Sayuri didn’t come. Saroj once again complainers about her and Sayuri comes there dressed in the saree gifted by Kanha. Kanha gets surprised. Sayuri takes elders blessings and sits in pooja. Everyone looks on and Pandit calls Sayuri as younger house head. Sayuri is hesitant but Kanha says its true.

Anjali comes there and gets angry seeing Sayuri and Kanha sitting together. She gets angry and leaves. Pooja commences and Anjali is in car fuming over Sayuri and Kanha’s closeness. She wonders Why’s Sayuri not keeping her promise. Indrani prays with her family at home itself and apologizes for not able to attend the pooja. Sayuri wonders why her family is not attending the pooja. Sayuri is taking lamp around the go down when her saree gets stuck between boxes. The boxes were about to fall on Sayuri but Kanha saves her and gets hurt.

Everyone gets shocked as Kanha’s arm gets stuck between boxes. They rescue him and Kanha asks if Sayuri is safe and they say she is fine. They find his arm hurt and takes him to tread him. Saroj again blames Sayuri’s bad luck. Kanha before leaving asks Nakul to bring Sayuri and Saroj notices his concern. She gets angry when he mentions that he’s glad that it’s him and not Sayuri who got injured. Naliki comes to Sayuri who’s guilty that Kanha got hurt because of her. Nakul asks why wouldn’t he save her as she’s very important for him.

Precap : Sayuri will take care of Kanha. Saroj will call Anjali and will encourage her to try and fight for her love. Anjali will witness Sayuri and Kanha playing together happily.

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