Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 8th July 2022 Written Update: Sayuri is confused about her feelings.


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The episode starts with Kanha watching Sayuri playing with her sisters and Sayuri notices it. She chases after him and gets close while playing with him. Her hair gets stuck on his shirt button and she removes it. Kanha and Sayuri steals glances without the other person knowing it.

Saroj sees Kanha and Nakul enjoying with the Sharmas and fumes in anger. She goes back while Indrani witness Kanha’s bond with the family. She suddenly goes inside and cries. Sayuri asks what’s the matter that she’s crying. Indrani says she would tease her if she says the reason. Sayuri asks why would she but soon predicts that she’s remembering her father.

Indrani agrees that she’s crying remembering her father but not for missing him but happy that Kanha is fulfilling the place of her father. She shares with her about how her father did anything to solve the family’s problem and Kanha did the same thing for them today. She recalls a moment from childhood where Sayuri’s father tried to make the impossible to possible. She says people pray for such life and she got it without even praying.

Indrani advises her to not lose the life and respect it. She suggests her to not stop with friendship but move forward to love. Indrani adds that she’s saying it as her friend and not as a mother. She says that only 2% of women gets husband who are supportive and respect them and she got one such person. She says she hated him and experienced friendship with him. She advises her to experience love the same way and not lose it for any cost. Sayuri looks on while Indrani leaves. Saroj is making Kanha’s favourite food and recalls what she witnessed earlier. She decides to make Nakul’s favourite food too.

Kanha comes there and makes her come out of her trance. He asks Why’s she standing there in statue position. Sayuri says she is making tea and is just rummaging through empty vessels. Kanha asks where is the tea as he couldn’t find one. Sayuri again panics and Kanha calms her and gets surprised with her behaviour.

Saroj says Dhanraj and Dadaji that she made children’s favourite food toddy. Sayuri and Kanha comes out of the house and Kanha says he ate too much that he’s about to burst. He kept rambling but Sayuri is lost at Indrani’s words. Kanha again makes her come back to reality and Sayuri starts blabbering. Kanha asks what’s wrong with her. He teases her and Sayuri angrily leaves.

Kanha wonders what has happened to her and runs after her. He keeps calling her but she doesn’t listen. Saroj taunts Sayuri for throwing tantrums towards husband. She keeps lashing out Sayuri for keeping Kanha wrapped around her fingers. Kanha says its not as she thinks and also adds her to not interfere between husband and wife’s issues.

Saroj gets hurt hearing it and Kusum calls them for food. Dhanraj says about Saroj cooking all his favourite dishes and Kusum adds that too for 3 hours. Kanha sits to eat and Sayuri worries as Kanha’s stomach is already full and is just going to eat for Saroj. Kanha sure down to eat. Sayuri notices Kanha struggling to eat and Saroj feeds him with her hands.

Kanha continues eating forcing himself but Saroj stops him. Kanha asks what happened and Saroj says he is just tasting the food. She apologizes Kanha for forgetting that he would’ve had food from his in laws. She taunts him and Dhanraj comes to his support. Saroj leaves upset and Kanha holds the end of her saree to explain her but Saroj will take it away from his hands.

Precap : Sayuri will say Kanha that just like how they became friends from enemies, she needs to create a bond with Saroj too. She will swear to win Saroj’s heart. Saroj will mock Sharmas for looting on their money.

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