Woh Toh Hai Albelaa’ Upcoming Story: After losing Cheeru, Saroj is scared for Kanha’s life, wants to get his kundali checked


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The Wednesday episode of Rajan Shahi’s “Woh Toh Hai Albelaa” started with Saroj going to the temple and praying for Kanha’s well-being. She is heard saying that she has lost Cheeru and won’t be able to bear if something happened to Kanha. Meanwhile, the doctor puts an arm sling for Kanha and tells him that he needs to rest for a week.

Kanha insists that he has to work but the doctor tells him that if he doesn’t rest his shoulder won’t heal. Once the doctor leaves, Saroj comes to Kanha and asks him if he is fine. She hugs him and everyone is happy seeing them. Nakul too hugs them. 

Later, Nakul takes Kanha back to his room and asks him to call Sayuri. She asks him how he is feeling now. He tells her to save the heroine he had to become the hero. She asks him to be careful. He tells her that his mother and doctor were enough for this, to which Sayuri tells him that for someone who has just lost their son for them it’s not easy to see the other one getting hurt. She then asks him to call her if he needs anything. 

Meanwhile, Saroj calls Anjali and tells her whatever happened. Anjali gets worried about Kanha. Saroj then tells her that if she had come for the puja she would have seen herself whatever happened. She tells her she can only make Sayuri leave this house.

Anjali tells her that she wants to meet Kanha but after how he rejected her love she doesn’t know how to face him. She tells her that she couldn’t face Kanha at the puja and doesn’t know how she will go to his room. 

At the same time, Kanha falls while trying to get a water bottle. Sayuri goes to help him and takes care of him. She brings juice for him and just then Saroj also brings a glass of juice for him and gets angry seeing Sayuri with Kanha. 

Nakul informs the Sharmas about whatever happened. They get happy hearing that Saroj hugged Kanha but feel that they shouldn’t go to meet him now as this might upset Saroj. Nakul also tells Rashmi that he has spoken to someone about a job and she can work from home.

She asks him if he is doing all this for some reason, he tells her there is no reason. Rashmi is heard saying that soon she will tell him what she feels for him.

Anjali, meanwhile, is remembering whatever happened between her and Kanha. She says that for her it’s unbearable to hear Kanha take Sayuri’s name. 

Kanha goes to Sayuri’s room but she gets scared and they both fall on the bed. Sayuri helps Kanha get up and asks her what he was doing there. He tells her that he has come to check if she has taken her medicine. Kanha and Sayuri both get talking and Kanha ties a rubber band as a friendship band on her wrist. She too ties one for him.

They then see Anjali at the door and Sayuri asks her to come inside. Anjali tells her that she can go as she has come to take care of Kanha. But Kanha tells her that she doesn’t need to as there are people to take care of him. Sayuri then says that she will go to get water for Anjali but Kanha asks her to not go anywhere. 

Saroj and Kusum are wondering why Sayuri hasn’t left the room. Saroj is happy as she feels that Kanha must have asked Anjali to stay with him. But she then says that even if he hasn’t and Anjali comes out of the room that will be good as well.

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Anjali tells Kanha that she loves him a lot, but he asks her to come some other time. She throws the bouquet that she had brought and is heard saying that Kanha will always be hers. Meanwhile, Saroj wants to get Kanha and Sayuri’s kundali checked as she wonders that even after matching Sayuri and Cheeru’s kundali they saw such a big tragedy. To know what happens next, keep watching the show.  

Produced under Director’s Kut Productions, “Woh Toh Hai Albelaa” features Shaheer Sheikh, Hiba Nawab, Kinshuk Vaidya, Sachin Tyagi, Pallavi Pradhan, Sucheta Khanna, Mehul Buch, Nayan Bhatt, Somesh Agarwal, Suruchi Adarkar, Rachi Sharma and Vaishnavi Ganatra. It airs on Star Bharat, Monday to Friday at 9 p.m.