Woh Toh Hai Albelaa’ Upcoming Story: Saroj to humiliate Sayuri


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Star Bharat’s new show is gearing up for more drama as Dhanraj asks Kanha to complete Chiru’s wish and marry Sayuri. Kanha gets ready for this. What will happen now? What will Saroj do now?

In the previous episode, we saw Sayuri is sitting in her room. Anjali comes there. She sees Sayuri disappointed and goes to her. She tells her that she has no complaints against her. She says that she has a problem with their destiny. She says that fate has betrayed them all. Sayuri apologizes to her.

Anjali says that she needs to apologize to her. She tells Sayuri that she will never stop loving Kanha. She says that she could have lied to her but she cannot forget her first love.

Here Nakul tells Kanha that he does not understand this form of Anjali because she gets very angry if she used to see someone with him. He adds that maybe there is something else going on in Anjali’s mind. Amitabh comes there. He tells Sayuri that she has taken away the happiness of his daughters from her. Kanha says that it is not Sayuri’s fault in this.

Amitabh does not listen to him and starts cursing Sayuri. Kanha tells him that he cannot talk to his wife like this. Amitabh breaks his business deal with him. Everyone is shocked to hear this.

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Saroj will ask Sayuri to do household work. Sayuri will feel tired. Later Kanha will come to her and will help her. Sayuri will get emotional.

What will happen next? Will Sayuri accept Kanha?