Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th June 2022 Written Update: Armaan offers his help to Preesha


Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Revati tells Rahul that Preesha didn’t understand that what happened with her. She praises him. He thanks her. She recalls that how she learnt that Gopal found the landline. And she transfers all the calls to her phone from the landline. She meets Rahul and tells him that Gopal should not know that the latter is her men. She asks him to call Preesha and tell her house location. She comes to reality and says that she has to handle someone.

On the other hand, Preesha wonders that why Gopal lied when it’s true that Gopal is in Revati’s custody. Revati comes there and tells Preesha that she knows that the latter must be thinking about Gopal. Preesha glares her. Revati tells her that she should not have kept Gopal alive. Preesha yells at her. Revati tells her that the latter’s mistake can become the reason for Gopal’s death. Preesha pleads him to tell that where is Gopal. Revati calls her men and shows Gopal to Preesha and Gopal is tied with bomb.

She says that she told Preesha to not try to find Gopal but she didn’t listen her. She reveals that Rahul is her men and she shifted Gopal to somewhere else. She adds that Gopal has to face the consequences for Preesha’s mistake. She orders her men to blast Gopal. Preesha screams hearing blast and the call gets disconnected. She hears Gopal’s voice and gets relieved. Gopal tells her that he is fine. She pleads Revati to not harm Gopal. Revati warns her to not do anything against her. She asks her to take some rest because she wants the baby alive.

Preesha gets drenched in the rain and she reaches the temple. She asks God that why wrong happening with her and Revati keep winning. She pleads God to save her family from Revati. Armaan comes there and asks her that what is she doing there at this time. He tells her that he can’t see her like this and offers his help. She asks him to not interfere in her life and she don’t want his help and leaves from there.

Next day, Sharda hires Malti to take care of Preesha and she informs about it to Preesha. Revati asks Preesha to sign on the papers which states that Preesha will give the baby to her after delivery. Preesha asks her that if the latter don’t trust her. Revati tells her that she don’t trust her at all. Preesha refuses to sign on the papers. Revati asks her to get ready to see Gopal’s dead body. Preesha signs on the papers.

Rudraksh and Preesha attends the lamaze classes. He tells her that he is a looser and he could not do anything. He adds that he will become a bad father. She tells him that they will take care of the baby together ( Title song plays in the background ). She thinks that she won’t let Revati take their baby. Later, Revati’s higher police officer comes to Khurana mansion and orders constable to arrest Revati which shocks everyone.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rudraksh asks Preesha that why Armaan want to make her Anvi’s mother. She tells him that he knows that Anvi is attached to her. He tells her that it’s becoming difficult to talk to her.

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