Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist

yeh hai chahatein upcoming story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
yeh hai chahatein upcoming story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist Upcoming Story and Twist on

The Episode Begins with Prisha waking Saransh. He says you remember what to do now. Prisha says I will say sorry. She answers a call. Balraj asks Rudraksh to come quickly and speak to wedding planner. Prisha says Rudra is not here, he left his mobile phone.

Bunty says I do not understand about Rudraksh. Prisha states where did Rudra go. Saransh states where can he go, we’ll find him. Prisha says that he puts others in trouble. Saransh asks her to say sorry two. She says fine, I will not say anything bad, look there, I will check here. He has shocked seeing Rudra falling close to the garbage bin. He asks Prisha to determine whether that’s Rudraksh. She says it’ll be a pig and dog, its crap thrown there, do not go there. Saransh runs and states its Rudraksh, see.

Prisha asks why is he lying . Rudraksh asks who’s it. Prisha says he’s fine, he’s unconscious. Saransh says wake him up. She asks Rudraksh to awaken. He wakes up and says you’re Prisha right, you were going to get postponed, oh, wifey, how are you baby, come here, give me a hug. She says you’re in junk. Prisha says we’ll take him fast.

Saransh asks will I call Bunty. She says no, we’ll do something. They take Rudraksh. She sees the women. She acts and asks Rudraksh to grin. Saransh says we can play games. The woman says you both look so happy, Saransh is quite lucky to have parents like you. Reporters click pic and telephone Rudraksh an perfect family man. Prisha takes Rudraksh into the room.

Rudraksh falls over Saransh. Prisha says that he was fine just now. Saransh says he’s unconscious, we’ll stand him under the shower in bath. Prisha says its a wonderful thought, take him. They take him. Prisha asks are you not worried for Saransh today, I will change on cold water tap. Rudraksh shouts I’m drowning, get me out. He hugs her. Yeh hai chahatein….plays….

He sees her and scolds her. She says I was sobering up you. Saransh comes and asks her to say sorry. Prisha asks are you my son or his son. Saransh says sorry. Prisha says fine. Rudraksh asks what is this terrible odor, did not you take a bath. Prisha says we’ll take him out. Vasu comes. Prisha says Saransh switched on tap by error. Vasu provides the garments to them and goes.

Prisha asks Rudraksh to change and prepare, else Balraj will scold him. She sends Saransh to change. Saransh runs to washroom. Prisha eliminates Rudraksh’s jacket. Yeh hai chahatein….plays…. She makes him wear the kurta and buttons . Rudraksh looks at her.

Saransh gets ready and comes. Rudraksh falls on the bed. Prisha says Saransh looks so adorable. Saransh asks why did not you make him wear lungi. She asks him to help. Saransh ties lungi fabric around them. She says not this way. They tie the lungi over his trackpant.

Rudraksh says I won’t use it. She says you’ve got to wear this for Saransh’s sake. He replies Balraj’s call. Saransh asks Prisha to say sorry. Rudraksh says dad is calling us, I won’t wear this, I will wear designer clothing. Saransh also gets his dress. He says its cool, I wish to wear this. Rudraksh says I designed this, hug me today.

Saransh hugs him. Bubbles comes for the union. Balraj asks how did you enjoy the decorations. Gopal says its fine. Vasu says marriage will occur in Tamil style. Balraj says it’ll occur in Punjabi style. They argue. Gopal jokes on Balraj’s memory. Balraj says please clarify your spouse. Gopal signs Vasu. Vasu says fine, there should be less sound. Rudraksh and Saransh get pics clicked. Prisha believes Saransh’s life was lacking father’s love, he’s finding a father in Rudraksh, I wish Rudraksh does not break his heart.