Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th March 2023 Written Update: Nayantara finds evidence against Mansi


Episode begins with Samrat tells Nayantara that he brought South Indian food for her. He says that Chintu told Nayantara love dosa so he brought all the variety. They starts eating food. Nayantara asks him that why he did not call or message her. He tells her that he messaged her and shows his phone to her. She checks her phone and notices that his number is blocked in her phone. She doubts Mansi. He asks her to who blocked his number. She tells him that she would have done it by mistake. He suggests to dance. He dance with her. She asks for water. He goes to get water for her.

Nayantara asks Chintu and Prem that what are they doing there. Chintu tells her about Mansi. She says that she is sure Mansi blocked Samrat’s number from her phone. She thinks that she can’t tell about Mansi to Samrat until she finds proof. She notices CCTV camera. She goes to security guard and tells him that she want to watch the CCTV footage. She sees Mansi entering her room and taking her phone. She confirms that Mansi is behind everything and she decides to tell the truth to Samrat.

Nayantara opens Mansi’s room door. She asks Mansi that why the latter blocked Samrat’s number from her phone. Mansi asks her that why she will do that. Nayantara tells her that she has proof against her. She says that Mansi want to return in Samrat’s life because Raghav left her. She drags Mansi from there.

Samrat asks Nayantara that what happened. Nayantara tells him that Mansi blocked his number from her phone. Mansi tells Samrat that Nayantara is lying. She says that she can’t stress herself in this condition. Nayantara says that she has proof against Mansi. She tells Samrat about CCTV footage. They goes to security guard. Nayantara asks security guard to show the CCTV footage again. They watches the CCTV footage but Mansi is not there. Nayantara wonders that how it happened.

Mansi cries and says that she don’t know why Nayantara is accusing her. And it looks like Nayantara is insecure of her. Nayantara says that she really saw Mansi in the footage. Mansi says that stress is not good for her baby. Samrat asks Nayantara to stop blaming Mansi. Nayantara wonders that who deleted the CCTV footage because Mansi was with her.

Aliya recalls that how she saw Nayantara leaving from security guard room. She learns about the CCTV footage which Nayantara watched and she deletes that CCTV footage.

Later, Mansi tells Aliya that she is glad the latter deleted the CCTV footage. She thanks her. Aliya asks her to be careful. Mansi nods at her. She says that she has to show Nayantara’s place to her.

Next day, Mansi tells Samrat that water is not coming in her room so she want to use his bathroom. Samrat gives permission to her. She enters the bathroom. After some time, Mansi screams and comes out and hugs Samrat. She says that there is a lizard in the bathroom. Nayantara comes there and sees them.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nayantara learns that Mansi bribed plumber. She falls into the water tank. Samrat searches Nayantara.