Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th June 2022 Written Update: Armaan frames Revati in fake case


Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Police officer orders constable to arrest Revati which shocks everyone. Revati asks him that what she did. He tells her that she took bribe from a businessman. She tells him that, that’s not true. He asks her to check her bank account. She checks her phone and gets shocked seeing 1 crore rupees in her bank account. She says that she didn’t took bribe from anyone.

Armaan’s uncle Digvijay comes there and says that Revati lying. He adds that Revati took bribe from him. Revati tells him that she don’t know him. Rudraksh tells Digvijay that Armaan would have told him to frame Revati in this fake case. Digvijay tells him that he and Armaan does business separately. He adds that Revati asked bribe from him to pass the consignment. Revati says that Digvijay lying. Police officer says that he has proof against Revati and shows Revati and Digvijay’s handshake picture. Revati recalls that how she collided with Digvijay and he handshaked with her. Armaan clicks their picture.

Revati tells police officer that she didn’t made any deal with Digvijay. Rudraksh tells police officer that Digvijay and Armaan are betrayers. Digvijay tells him that Revati lying after getting caught so she is betrayer. Police officer tells Revati that he didn’t excepted this from her. Revati tells Rudraksh that she is innocent and asks him to save her. Police arrests Revati and takes her from there. Rudraksh follows them and asks Revati to not worry because he is sure that Armaan is behind all this. He wonders that why Armaan framed Revati in this fake case.

Preesha asks Digvijay that if Armaan is behind this to trap Revati. Armaan comes there and accepts that he did all this. Preesha tells him that this is wrong. He asks her that how can she forget that what all Revati did with her. He reveals about Revati’s wrong doings. She asks him that how he knows about all this. He recalls that how he sent Malti to Khurana house to take care of Preesha. He receives the recording from Malti in which Revati was getting Preesha’s sign. He decides to help Preesha. He thinks that he can’t tell about Malti to Preesha. He tells her that he has many sources. He adds that he is doing all this for Anvi because Preesha going to take care of Anvi in the future.

Later, Rudraksh brings Revati to Khurana house. He informs Preesha that he arranged bail for Revati. He adds that he deposited 1 crore rupees for Revati’s bail. Preesha asks him that if he is mad and how can he spent 1 crore rupees for Revati. She tells him that he don’t know Revati’s real face. She takes him from there. He asks her that what happened to her. She asks him that why he is trusting Revati so much.

He asks her that why she hates Revati so much. He says that Armaan is behind Revati’s arrest. He asks her that why Armaan want her to become Anvi’s mother when Digvijay is there. She tells him that he knows that Anvi is attached to her. She says that Revati can’t stay in their house. He tells her that Revati will stay in their house. He adds that it’s becoming difficult to talk to her nowadays. They falls asleep. Revati overhears their conversation and thinks that soon Rudraksh will hate Preesha.

Episode ends.

Precap – Preesha’s baby shower ceremony happens. She gets admitted in the hospital for delivery.

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