Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th March 2023 Written Update: Aliya tries to kill Nayantara


Episode begins with Nayantara drags Mansi from Samrat. She asks Mansi that why the latter hugged Samrat. Mansi says that she saw lizard in the bathroom and she is scared of lizard. Nayantara checks the bathroom and she says that there is no lizard in the bathroom. Samrat tells her that lizard would have left through window. Nayantara asks Mansi that why the latter came there. Mansi replies to her that she came to use the bathroom because water is not coming in her bathroom. Nayantara tells her that there are so many bathrooms in this house. Samrat asks her to relax because Mansi is pregnant so it’s not good to drag the matter. Nayantara leaves from there. Mansi thinks that Samrat is on her side still because she is his first love. 

Nayantara confirms that water is coming in Mansi’s bathroom. Mansi comes out of the bathroom after taking bath. Nayantara takes Samrat to Mansi’s bathroom. She tells him that Mansi lied that water is not coming. She opens the tab but water did not come. She says that she saw water. Samrat tells her that he could not see any water. Mansi asks Nayantara that why the latter is doing all this. Nayantara says that she is not lying. Samrat asks her to stop torturing Mansi. He calls Vikas and asks about pipeline issue. Vikas admits that there is a pipeline issue and plumber has arrived. Mansi pleads Nayantara to let her live peacefully or else throw her out of the house. Samrat tells her that he trust her. Nayantara asks Samrat that how can he trust Mansi over her. Samrat tells her that they should finish the matter because today is Holika Dahan. Mansi thanks Samrat. 

Aliya recalls that how she saw Nayantara checking Mansi’s bathroom and how she told Vikas to stop the water supply to Mansi’s room.

Outside the house, Samrat tells Mohit that he don’t think Mansi’s intentions are good. He tells him everything. He says that he is sure Mansi is behind everything and Nayantara is getting affected. And he want to expose Mansi and it looks like someone is helping Mansi. Mohit tells him that they have to find out Mansi’s accomplice now. 

Mansi gives money to Vikas for lying about pipeline issue and leaves from there. Nayantara sees that and she confronts Vikas. Vikas tells her that plumber is behind everything and plumber is on the terrace. Nayantara goes to terrace. Vikas tells everything to Aliya. Aliya tells herself that this is what she wanted. Nayantara checks the water tank. Aliya pushes her into the water tank and closes the cap. Nayantara screams for help. 

Priest tells Samrat that they should begin the Holika Dahan puja on time. Samrat waits for Nayantara. Mansi tells him that they should begin the puja. 

Episode ends. 

Precap  – Nayantara’s life in danger. Samrat searches Nayantara.