Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th May 2021 Written Update: Sunny seeks Yuvraj’s help to answer Preesha


Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th May 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Preesha asks Sunny about his mother. Sunny says to her that he is hungry and asks her to bring food for him. Preesha goes to bring food. Rudraksh tries to ask questions but Sunny interrupts saying that he forget to tell Preesha that he wants milkshake too and sends Rudraksh from there. He talks to himself saying that he escaped for now but they will ask again then what will he do and Yuvraj didn’t said anything else and decides to go to Yuvraj to ask.

Yuvraj shocks seeing Sunny running towards him. Sunny stays silent seeing Sulochana and Kabir. Yuvraj assures him saying that they are with them so he can talk. Sunny informs him that Preesha asking him about his mother but he didn’t reply anything because he don’t know anything. Kabir taunts Yuvraj. Sulochana asks Kabir to not do that because they are 1 team now. Yuvraj says to Sunny that he will plan something and asks him to not stress about it.

Sulochana asks Sunny that why Preesha talking to him because she must be angry with him. He replies her saying that Preesha is not angry with him in fact she is not even angry with Rudraksh. Everyone shocks hearing him. Kabir laughs at Yuvraj’s plan. Yuvraj asks Sunny to not come like this again. Sunny nods at him and leaves from there.

Rudraksh says to Preesha that Sunny is really adamant that’s why he is not telling anything about Reema. Preesha tells him that they should know about Reema to find the truth. Sharda asks them about Sunny. They tells the problem to her. Sharda says to him that maybe Reema asked Sunny to not tell anything about her.

Sulochana curses Preesha for flopping their plan always. Kabir says to her that she should not believe Yuvraj’s plan. Sulochana asks Yuvraj about his plan. He tells her that he will do something.

Preesha talks to Sunny about his mother. Sunny says to her that he don’t know where is his mother now but when he last time saw her she was admitted in the hospital and she is going to die soon because of cancer but he don’t know anything about hospital.

Saaransh tells Sunny that he can play with his helicopter because they are brothers now. Preesha asks Sunny that did Reema gave anything to him. He replies her saying that she just gave letter to him which he gave it to Rudraksh already and his mother packed his luggage that’s it.

Rudraksh and Preesha searches the bag and finds one number and assumes that this must be Reema’s number. Rudraksh calls and learns that that’s city hosptial’s number so he asked about Reema and learns that today only she died and informs about it to Preesha.

Rudraksh sleeps with Sunny. Preesha tells story to Saaransh then she goes to Rudraksh’s room and sleeps there itself. Saaransh wakes up and goes to Rudraksh’s room and cries seeing Rudraksh and Preesha sleeping with Sunny.

Episode ends.

Precap – Preesha informs Sunny about Reema’s death. Yuvraj taunts Mishka.

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