Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th January 2022 Written Update: Yuvraj informs Mukhiya about Rudraksh


Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th January 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Rudraksh tells Ruhi that seems like the person whom he came to search is not here so he is returning to his house. She asks him that can’t he stay for her because he loves her. He hugs her and they cries. He places a kiss on her forehead. They feeds each other. She asks him that does he really has to leave. He nods at her. She asks him to stay for her. He tells her that he has to leave. Preesha sees them and goes to her room and cries.

On the other hand, Yuvraj tells Mukhiya that Rudraksh hiding in Ruhi’s house storeroom. Mukhiya tells him that they searched Rudraksh there already and it’s an old news and asks him to bring latest news. Yuvraj tells him that he saw Rudraksh there just few minutes back. Mukhiya asks him to bring proof. Yuvraj thinks that he should not mess up anything while collecting proof. He decides to take Rudraksh’s picture but drops his mobile.

Next day, Rudraksh writes good bye letter for Ruhi. He tells himself that he could not leave if he saw her then. And if she was his daughter then he would have kept her with him always. He cries recalling the moments he shared with her ( Title song plays in the background ). Bunty takes him from there. Ruhi comes there and finds Rudraksh’s letter. She cries hugging Preesha. Preesha asks her that what happened. Ruhi tells her that she feels like crying.

Preesha thinks that so Bunty kept his promise. Ruhi says that she has to leave and runs from there. Preesha finds Rudraksh’s letter. She reads it and gets emotional. She apologizes to Rudraksh saying that she is hurting him and she could not tell him that Ruhi is his daughter. Rudraksh thinks that Ruhi did so much for him but he broke her heart. He asks Bunty to stop the car. He tells him that he want to meet Ruhi before leaving and runs from there.

Meanwhile, Saaransh stops Ruhi and asks her that if she is crying. She tells him that wrong happening with her. She says that her mother didn’t got husband and her friend also left without informing her. He asks her to close her eyes to know that why she is crying now. She closes her eyes and Rudraksh comes in front of her eyes. She says that she is crying for her friend. He asks her to stop her friend then. She nods at him and leaves from there.

Yuvraj sneaks into storeroom and searches Rudraksh to take his picture. Preesha comes there and asks him that can’t he stay away from her and Ruhi. He tells her that he just came to give doll to Ruhi. She asks him to leave the village. He reminds her that she said that she will return 1 lakh rupee to him. She says that he showed his true colours. He tells her that it was sarcasm. He thinks that Rudraksh must be with Ruhi.

Episode ends.

Precap – Yuvraj and Ruhi decides to search Rudraksh together. He thinks that he has to do something big.

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