Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th January 2022 Written Update: Preesha meets with an accident


Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th January 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Preesha tells herself that she is glad that Rudraksh left before Yuvraj sees him. She thinks that Rudraksh would have reached Delhi now. On the other hand, Bunty stops Rudraksh and tells him that the latter will put Ruhi and her mother’s life in danger if he stayed here then. Rudraksh says that he just want to see Ruhi once. Bunty tells him that he will take him to Ruhi. Rudraksh asks to take him to school. He says that how Ruhi used to take care of him and she must be crying now. Bunty thinks that Rudraksh bonded really well with Ruhi because she is his daughter but for his sake he can’t tell the truth to him.

Meanwhile, Ruhi collides with Yuvraj. He notices that she is crying and asks her that where is she going. She tells him that she don’t have time because she has to meet her friend. He asks her that is she going to meet Rudraksh. She asks him that how he knows that her friend is Rudraksh. He tells her that he saw them entering the storeroom. He says that he won’t tell this secret to Preesha. She informs him that Rudraksh leaving the village. He takes her with him.

Rudraksh reaches the school and from Saachi he learns that Ruhi didn’t come to school today. Preesha calls Bunty. He tells her that they are still in the village because Rudraksh wants to meet Ruhi. He informs her that they came to Ruhi’s school to meet Ruhi. He picks Vaijayanti’s call and he takes Preesha’s name so she questions him. He tells her that he didn’t say Preesha and he is in meeting now and disconnects the call. She tells herself that she is sure that Bunty took Preesha’s name. She learns that Bunty is in the village. She thinks that maybe they found Preesha.

Rudraksh tells Bunty that Ruhi is not in school and asks to take him to Ruhi’s home. Bunty messages about it to Preesha. Yuvraj asks Ruhi that did she thought about any new plan. She tells him that he can’t become her father. She says that she wants Rudraksh to become her mother’s husband. He thinks that he has to do something big before Preesha knows about Rudraksh.

Ruhi and Rudraksh sees each other and runs towards each other. She hugs him and asks him that why he didn’t met her. He tells her that he loves her so much and he could not leave without seeing her that’s why he returned. Yuvraj sees them and he clicks Rudraksh’s picture to send it to Mukhiya. He notices Preesha coming that way and wonders that what is she doing there.

He thinks that his game is over if Preesha met Rudraksh then. He steals someone’s bike and hits Preesha. She falls down and her head hit on stone and she loses her consciousness. Rudraksh and Ruhi are about to go to Preesha but Bunty takes them from there. Yuvraj says that now he has to save Preesha.

Episode ends.

Precap – Saachi and her mother sees Preesha and Yuvraj. Saachi informs Ruhi about Preesha’s accident. Rudraksh takes Ruhi to hospital.

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